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Zak Vyner | St Johnstone Post Match

September 14, 2019 10:14 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Zak Vyner | St Johnstone Post Match

The 90 minutes

“The first 40 minutes were promising.

“But we concerned the goal and then we did not produce a performance in the second half.

“St Johnstone executed their game plan, they played the way they wanted to play, and they have punished us.

“We know that we have to identify a way of breaking teams down in these situations.

“We do have a lot of quality but we did not show it today, aside from spells maybe in that opening 40 minutes. We do have quality in those attacking areas, but we need to work on how we can do better when teams try and frustrate us, when they sit in and try and disrupt our way of playing.

“I am not sure what happened in the second half. It is a weird one.

“You give a team like St Johnstone a sniff and then they can go off that. It gave them a lift with the goal just before half-time. I know they are near the bottom of the league they are in a false position with the players that they have. They can counter on you, they have got good wingers as well as Stevie up top.

“They have punished us.

“I have not seen their penalty incident back, but it did not look like a penalty to me.”

“Not trying to make excuses but the wind did have an impact on the game, for both teams.

“The conditions were difficult to play in.

“It is not easy when you are trying to play the ball down the line or play someone in over the top. You sometimes have to put three or four more passes together before trying to move it forward and that takes the pace out of the attack and allows defenders to get into position.”

Have to be better

“We are disappointed with the result at home. We have to do better.

“We have to execute our game plan better.

“We have to be more ruthless whether it be with a tackle or a cross or a shot.

“We have a team that have a lot of quality and we should be doing better. Not in an arrogant way, but we have to show that it our play. We have to stamp our authority on the game.

“We have to show that this place is a fortress. We have to go out with the attitude that we are not going to drop points here and we have to show that in the way we play.

“We have not done that today.

“If we get some consistency with our performances, then hopefully the results will come with that. We were not consistent enough today, taking what we did in the first 40 minutes into the second half.


“The injury situation, it has been a very tough week, firstly losing Scott Wright. We have now lost three more players in the last 45 minutes. It is a very busy physio room.

“We do have depth in the squad and we are going to have to call upon everyone. All our fringe players are going to be involved. There is a lot of quality there and everyone is ready and waiting for their chance to fill in. They are going to have to go and do that now.

“It is not nice seeing anyone getting injured. It is not nice seeing people who you spend time with every day, people who are your friends. You just have to be there for them if you can. We were all there for Scott this week when he was a bit down. It is part of football. Scott was in the changing room before the game wishing us all luck. So we need to be there for him and all the other players who are injured now.”

Week’s ahead

“The week coming up, we need to try and be as positive as we can but also reflect.

“We have three games now in quick succession and you are happy for it to be like that when you get a result that does not go way. I know they are three tough away games, but we will have to go and give it our all.”