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The Manager | Ross County Post Match

August 31, 2019 8:47 pm Author: AFC Media Team
The Manager | Ross County Post Match


“I thought the performance was very good.

“I thought from the first roll of the ball that we were very bright with our work, I thought that we stamped our authority on the game, everything that we weren’t last week at Kilmarnock in terms of being to safe, too pedestrian with our work and not showing enough intent – I thought was the opposite today.

“I thought that we had a front three pulling and running their back lot. I thought we had two very strong running performances from (Craig) Bryson and (Lewis) Ferguson in the middle of the park making good runs beyond and supporting.

“I thought we got both full backs high, I thought both full backs did very well in the game.

“The intent from everyone was there to go and get that first goal and impose ourselves on the game.

“I thought we passed up two or three really good opportunities to get the first goal but the players stuck to their task and everything that we spoke about last Saturday and worked on this week I was seeing played out in front of me and I was really pleased to see the players get the reward.

“I think it was a good team performance, it shows you what can be done when we are positive with our possession, more positive runs, more forward play and the quality is in the team and I am pleased that we have managed to pick up three points against a team that have come up and are very confident in themselves.

“Ross County are a team that is used to winning, I know they took a sore one last week but they still keep you on their toes, they have a good attacking threat and I am delighted to get the clean sheet as well as the goals.

“The only downside for me was the penalty and allowing Ross County into our box from the kick-off when we knocked off and we weren’t aggressive enough and switched on enough.

“Thankfully we get our clean sheet, our second clean sheet in a row, but I think by and large, other than the penalty we looked very secure with our work.

“We would have taken the result before the start of the game.”

The Goals

“It was a really well first worked goal from Greg (Leigh).

“When Sam (Cosgrove) stands over a penalty, I have said before he is very (Adam) Rooney like, you trust him to hit the back of the net and 2-0 was the least that we deserved at half time.

“I thought the third goal, a great bit of quality from (Niall) McGinn again and (Ryan) Hedges getting his goal. I have said often enough about our wide players having to contribute, they have given us assists and goals today and I thought between those two and big Sam we kept their back four worked all day.”

The Penalties

“I thought our penalty was a penalty and I thought their penalty, by the letter of the law, was a penalty as well.

“I expected the referee to give the penalty, no complaints. I am just angry at my own team for letting the ball to travel into the box.

“I think last season that wouldn’t have been but I think we all know that this season it is more likely to be given as a penalty and that is why I was so annoyed a few weeks ago at St Mirren when I think we never got a penalty for a clear handball but I think that the referee has got both right today.”

Back Four

“That back four clearly hasn’t played together but it is still a very capable back four.

“Zak played right back and did very well. I thought that Mikey got to the pitch of the game and it just shows you with Mikey – he is not getting into the team a couple weeks ago – it just shows you how you need that squad and how it changes and he is now in charge of that jersey after coming in and playing.

“It is great to have that quality within the squad to call upon if you do get injuries but you can see with the bench today we had no midfielders and no defenders on the bench and that is not through choice. It is through necessity.”

Ryan Hedges

“Ryan did well.

“The wind on the pitch was a bit difficult at times with the set plays. I thought we looked a real threat from set plays, I thought that McGinn and Hedges delivery was very good. But certainly, off the free kick, it is a lovely weighted cross.

“I spoke with Ryan during the week and he is working hard to maintain that standard. We all know that wide players can be a bit up and down with their performances and it is important for all of our wide players that if they do come off their performances that they don’t drop too much but certainly he was on it today.”

Craig Bryson

“We knew that (Craig) Bryson had run his race because we are still working on him. I think with (Craig) Bryson it needs to be said you see his influence. With Kilmarnock last week I thought we were decent for an hour and we lost that influence in that last half hour (when Bryson went off).

“I thought that for a wee spell, we maybe lost that bit of impetus. We are almost now nearly in September without getting Bryson at full pelt.

“We knew the importance of trying to replace (Graeme) Shinnie, who was invaluable to me and our team. So, when Bryson is in the team, he brings a different dynamic to the midfield and to the team and I think the influence was certainly there until he had to come off.

“We will get some good work into him over the international break and hopefully now, with the benefit of the last three games, he will feel that his season is properly starting when he comes back after the break.

Greg Leigh

“It was never going to be easy replacing Max Lowe. Max was a real favourite here, with myself, the supporters and his teammates. They are different but what they have both done, they became really popular with the fans really quickly.

“Both with his defensive work and certainly now his goals, Greg is very good at attacking the ball in both boxes and we knew that when we brought him here.

“It is certainly one area, over last season, where we knew we would have an advantage, but his level of performance has been very good as well.”

Front Three

“They started off well, we had good secure possession and that allows them to make those forward runs but their touches on the ball were very positive.

“McGinn should have scored off Greg Leigh’s cut back (in the first half) but the amount of times if you freeze the picture at any time, the ball coming into the box both (Niall) McGinn and (Ryan) Hedges were constantly in goalscoring positions to score a goal and that is something that we bang on about and demand from our wide players.

“Both with their touches and their runs off the ball, I thought that both were influential today.”

Update on Injuries

“Shay Logan I think will be okay for St Johnstone. Under medical instructions he was advised not to play today, but we are hoping we can get him running this week and back to contact the week of the St Johnstone game.

“Young Dean Campbell hopefully be fit for the St Johnstone.”