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The Manager | SC Quarter Final Reaction

March 3, 2019 5:34 pm Author: AFC Media Team

Reflection on the game

“We were bright with our work and had enough intensity and aggression that the game demanded.

“I thought we defended very well and showed good concentration against a team who have been free flowing and high scoring recently. We tried to get the balance right by nullifying that. They had a lot of possession, but it was all in their own half and that was down to a lot of good work from my players. We carried a real threat and broke really well, none more so than the penalty kick.

“You see why I was so keen to have Gary involved as he brings us that speed and decisiveness and penetration. We were good value for going one nil up and then McKenna hit the bar shortly after and we wanted that second goal. I thought we did enough and had enough chances to get the second goal in the second half.

“We contained a good Rangers team with good players for long periods. I’m disappointed with the goal we lost as Sam just gets blocked off by young Lewis as he goes to get the flight of the ball and for Worrall to put the ball in so low is disappointing for us.

“You know you’re not going to get it all your own way and I thought we responded well to that equaliser. We had good chances of our own to get the second so naturally we’re disappointed we’ve not won the game from a winning position, but I’m really pleased with the performance and effort from my team.”

Reaction from Hamilton

“There was plenty effort the other night, but I thought we had more speed in the team today and there was more atmosphere. It got the players really cranked up and it needed to be played that way. A lot of my players played very well. We need to do it all over again but it doesn’t matter to me that we’re in Glasgow.

“We’ve won there this season at Ibrox and at Hampden and have a very good away record so we’ll look forward to the game when it comes round. We’ve missed an opportunity from a winning position, but we’re still alive and kicking and we’ll be ready for the replay.”
Physicality of the game

“I thought the referee was very good in the game and both teams tried to play the game in the right manner. I don’t think there was any shortage of effort and commitment, but I thought there was enough restraint from the players so I didn’t think it was overly physical.”

Dealing with Morelos

“Considine and McKenna had their hands full. Even when Morelos isn’t at his best he’s still a real threat as he plays on that shoulder. He only needs one chance sometimes so I thought the level of concentration from both lads was terrific. There were good individual battles all over with Lowe and Candeias, Shinnie and Jack, Ball and Kent so there were a lot of goof duels and none more so than the one with Morelos.”

Missed chances

“It’s disappointing because I thought the deliveries were good. Andy has a chance from Niall’s outswinger then McKenna chance at the back post, but by in large I thought we looked a real threat at set plays.

“As I said we’ve lost the toe lead to a set play as I don’t expect us to lose a goal from a set play and we’re disappointed we haven’t got it over the line. Rangers defended well and had bodies on the line. McGregor’s made a save too.

“We did enough to get the second goal and the effort was clear from my team.”
Update on Gary Mackay-Steven injury

“He’s away to the hospital for an x-ray just as a precaution because of where it is in the calf. We just wanted to double-check there’s nothing going on there, but we feel it’s more a really bad kick into the calf and hopefully the bruising will heel in a few days.

Record in Glasgow

“It’s a reference when you speak to the players as the evidence is there.

“The players won’t need reminded of that and we know it’s going to be tough. Wherever you play Rangers home or away you expect a tough game because they’ve got good players. They’ve thrown a lot of money at it and have a good squad assembled, but we’ve shown we can compete against them and shown we can win. It’s important we go down with the belief we showed today and go do that again.”

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