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The Manager | Post Match Quotes & Injury Update

September 14, 2019 7:12 pm Author: AFC Media Team
The Manager | Post Match Quotes & Injury Update

Penalty Claims

“It was the right decision. We didn’t need VAR we just needed a good linesman because I couldn’t believe that the referee had given the decision. I think the referee knew right away that having given it he had got it wrong and the linesman confirmed it.

“It wasn’t a penalty.

“I thought we should have had a penalty in the first half.

“I think (Scott) Tanser has handballed it from Sam Cosgrove’s header – the one that hits the post.

“I would need to see it again but certainly I thought it was a handball and disappointed that we never got it.”

Losing the Goal

“Disappointed from a winning position and being so good up until 42 minutes that we haven’t gone on to win the game. We have allowed an equalising goal and there were similarities to last season – that type of goal, giving the opponent encouragement.

“We were dominating with our play with a lot of the stuff we were doing, switches of play quickly, getting balls in the box, asking the question.

“It was everything that I wanted, and we should in that type of position go on and win the game.

“We allow St Johnstone to counter on us, when we didn’t need to. We allow the cross to come in when we shouldn’t have, and we allowed O’Halloran too much space and we allowed a weak shot to get into the net.

“A cumulation of all of these things have given St Johnstone the equaliser.

“For that type of goal to be lost isn’t good enough.”

Second Half Performance

“At half time we said, now the game has become a 45 minute game, rather than a 90 minute game.

“We have caused that situation. We had to go and show our confidence to go and deal with the game and I just felt that we lost our way in the second half.

“I thought that we were too rushed, too hurried. We played the ball forward too quickly, we never got enough of our quality players, players that can do a wee bit on the ball, doing enough for us.

“St Johnstone, as a consequence of that, were a team that looked more assured in the second half.

“I thought they were worthy of their point and we didn’t do enough to get all three.

“The changes to Bryson and Ojo going off didn’t help with trying to get that control. The second half performance wasn’t good enough and ultimately having lost such a poor goal we

needed more in the second half to win the game.

“With Bryson and Ojo going off I just thought the dynamic of the team wasn’t quite right in the middle of the park, but it still is no excuse. We should still be asking the questions later on in the game to try and win the game.

Injury Update

“They are both a concern Funso Ojo and Craig Bryson.

“As well, Jon Gallagher with the challenge with Liam Gordon, which was a fair challenge, he is on the way to hospital.

“We think he has got a problem with his tibia and he is getting it x-rayed. He was struggling after the tackle to have any real impact in the game. That one doesn’t look good.

“Bryson isn’t looking great at the moment either and Ojo we will need to wait and see how that settles.

“Bryson – it is his other ankle. He came to us (from Derby) with a problem with his ankle, but it wasn’t’ the one he done today. He just landed awkwardly, and he’s felt it jar.

“We will need to see how that one is once it has been scanned.

“Ojo felt both hamstrings a bit tight when he went into the challenge, so we will need to see how that settles.

“I do think that the injuries could be a reason why we only picked up a point but it is not the only reason and that’s why I am disappointed.

“At the end there you’ve got McLennan and Gallagher playing behind Cosgrove with Wilson and Hedges in support.

“I just thought that we needed a bit more thought as well. We never got any consistent pressure.

“It’s a point. We had been keen to build on the last couple of home performances with the two wins we had, and I thought from the winning position we had we should have gone on to win the game. I think that St Johnstone were certainly worthy of their point, especially with their second half performance.”