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The Manager | Livingston Pre-Match Media Conference

September 19, 2019 4:36 pm Author: AFC Media Team
The Manager | Livingston Pre-Match Media Conference

The manager spoke to the press at lunchtime on Thursday and started by giving an update on the current injury situation:

“Unfortunately, we got some bad news on Funso.

“He will be out for the best part of three months. It is quite a significant tear in his hamstring. He has actually damaged both hamstrings, one pretty straightforward but it is very unusual for both hamstrings to go at one time.

“It is a real blow for us with him and Bryson, who will be out now for a month, with an ankle injury. They are both key players for us but I cannot allow our preparations to be dominated by injuries, it happens, we just seem to be picking up an awful lot at the minute.

“It is a problem that we want to solve.

“I am looking forward to trying and getting the right blend in there. I have still got a lot of good players to choose from and we will try and get the best way to suit us and our team going forward.

“I think it is the worst injury situation that we have had during my time here.

“I think we have been very fortunate up until last season. We took a lot of plaudits for not signing particular players and not having as many injuries as was here previously.

“In this instance I think it is a combination of a bit of bad luck because it is different type of injuries. We need to be looking at various aspects of our training and our preparation to see if we can avoid it and limit it.

“It is a challenge. We had 13 players training today.

“We have still got good players to choose from. We have still got other options.”

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