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The Manager | Betfred Cup QF Preview

September 24, 2019 3:34 pm Author: AFC Media Team
The Manager | Betfred Cup QF Preview

“The cups are our best opportunity of success when Rangers and Celtic are doing their job in the league and are recruiting well.

“They have obviously got two very good managers in place with the money that they have got, it is difficult for any team to compete with these clubs through the league. I think they can compete for a period of time but to actually have the longevity and the strength and in the squad is very difficult for clubs like ourselves.

“The cups as I have always said have offered us the best chance and we have won one cup and we have been close in other occasions.

“We have always seen the importance of cup football at the club.

“It doesn’t change, the players are aware of that and we have an opportunity to get the club into a semi-final and to do that we need to beat good teams.

“Hearts are a good team and it is that bit more difficult when you go away from home.”

“Cup football you are either in or out, I don’t think there will be too many complaints if we don’t play particular well but as long as we win the game tomorrow.

“From a manager and a coach’s point of view you want to bring good performances, be better in possession.

“I think that being on grass, it is a tight surface at Tynecastle but it is always a good surface, hopefully that we can enjoy the game a bit more.

“The enjoyment comes from winning and I just want my team to win. I want to see my team play well and I would like individuals to play well within it but I want my team to win.”


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