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Reaction | Paul Sheerin on Huddersfield win

September 17, 2019 8:24 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Reaction | Paul Sheerin on Huddersfield win

Paul Sheerin, Lloyd Robertson & Luc Bollan talked to Andrew Shinie after the friendly against the Terriers this afternoon in Brechin. To watch the interviews click on the red button.


Paul Sheerin Quotes

“It was an excellent victory.

“Throughout the game I thought we got most things spot on. I thought that the press was good.

“You are going into the unknown as well a little bit in terms of what you are up against.

“We guessed a wee bit that they would try and play out from the back and if we got the press right at that end of the pitch it would allow us more dominance in their half of the pitch and that turned out to be in the case, certainly in the first half.

“In the main, we created opportunities through the press, used the ball well, defended relatively well.

“We looked like a proper unit today.

“I am not getting carried away with myself, we have had some ups and downs already., It feels like March already but it is only September with the start that we have had!

“The players are willing to work and you can see that and they looked like a proper team today which was pleasing. We got the clean sheet as well today which I am delighted with.

“It is a real base for us to keep working on.

“We know we will have our moments as the season goes on but if we can go back to this and say ‘this is the standard that we have set.’ This where we need to stick to as often and as we can and if we can keep these standards then we will have more opportunities than not to win the games.

“The foundation at the back was good and that allows the front players to go and express themselves.”

“Territory wise, they dominated the last 20 minutes without giving us too many problems and it was just a case of being a proper team and managing the game.

“I thought we managed the game really well and I thought it was as well as we have managed a game for a few years as a team.

“We looked strong, stayed strong within our shape. It was really pleasing the whole afternoon. In terms of how we went about how we went about our business, how we managed the game when we went 2-0 up and then through that management you get more of a reward at the end through the goal from Chris Antoniazzi.

“It’s nice to play against different opposition and maybe that shows for the boys that they don’t know what to expect and maybe their levels, although it shouldn’t be, subconsciously it might put them on edge and I think that’s what this will offer this wee mini league.

“From that point of view, it is good for the boys.

“Even form my point of view, it is good to see something different about how teams play, it’s a different test for you on the touchline. For everybody, it is a fresh outlook for us all.

“It was good to test ourselves and hopefully a real confident boost for them that they can see they can compete against teams like Huddersfield and they certainly done it today albeit they will know what we are about and no doubt they will try and put us in our place when we go down to their place. So we will have to be ready for that.

“It is really refreshing to do something different.

“The Brentford game will be a journey into the unknow for us. We will prepare ourselves as best as we can, in terms of our shape and how we want to play and if we need to tweak it throughout the game, we will be ready to do that, as we did today.

“It was good, I enjoyed today.”