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Niall McGinn | St Mirren Preview

February 11, 2021 5:46 pm Author: afc media
Niall McGinn | St Mirren Preview

As the Dons prepare to take on St. Mirren at Pittodrie on Saturday, Niall McGinn offered the voice of experience as the side looks to get back to winning ways.

“Football is always about very small margins and if they go for you, you can be on a winning run and if they don’t, results can be going against you. If you look back at the two Livingston games and the one at Hibs, we’ve hit the bar in each of them. If those go in the net instead, things might be feeling very different now.

“I think as players, it’s important that we all stay on an even keel. I’ve seen it all before, when results go badly for the team or when individuals have a run when they’re not playing. You just have to keep doing the right things, you don’t sulk and if you do that, things will turn your way.

“It’s important that you don’t get too high in the good times and you don’t get too low in the bad times because in football, you know that a change one way or the other is just around the corner.

“You will always have dips through the season, every season it happens. It’s only two or three weeks now since Hibs were having a poor run and then they got a result and it turned round for them. That’s what we’re looking for on Saturday, to get that win on the board, however we get it, be it by playing really well or digging out a scrappy 1-0, it doesn’t matter. From there, we can really start to pick up again.”