Priority Points

Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen, floodlit by night

Priority Points are awarded to fans based on advance ticket purchases, season ticket purchases and active AberDNA memberships and help determine access to tickets for matches with high demand.

You can check how many priority points your account has online HERE.

Priority Points are held on your account for 5 seasons, therefore, supporters in the 2023/24 season will have points from 2019/20 remaining active and no longer have points from 2018/19.

Priority Points for the 2023/24 season will be allocated as follows*:

Season Ticket- 40 Points

Platinum, Premium+, Premium or International AberDNA membership – 40 Points

Standard, Youth or Under 12 AberDNA membership- 25 Points

Home League Game Ticket – 2 Points

Away League Game Ticket – 2 Points

Shareholder +260 Share**- 20 Points (Permanent base allocation of 20 points, does not build annually)

If you have any queries regarding Priority Points please email

*Priority Points are subject to change

**Ticket priority is only applicable to the original shareholder. Transferred shares do not qualify for ticket priority.