Gary Walker Wealth Management

Official Financial Planning Partner

Gary Walker with Aberdeen Football Club players at the financial planning partnership announcement in 2021

Gary Walker Wealth Management (GWWM), which helps plan financially secure futures, has agreed a multi-year partnership with Aberdeen Football Club to become the Club’s first Official Financial Planning Partner.

An ardent supporter of the Dons over a number of years, GWWM will work collaboratively with the Club to provide expert financial guidance to staff, players and the community in a partnership which will showcase the importance of planning for the future to achieve financial success.

Managing Director Gary Walker, who specialises in the personalised provision of financial advice to individuals and businesses, said:

“AFC and Gary Walker Wealth Management hold similar corporate values that are the foundation of this partnership. How the Club supported the local community through the pandemic and the exciting plans they are now putting in place for the future really marries up with how we support local businesses and individuals in our community to plan for a successful future.”

“After such a difficult period during Covid I wanted to step up my support for the Club to help them fulfil their ambitions. We will also be working closely with Aberdeen FC Community Trust to deliver financial education in their partner schools. We believe this type of learning is crucial for young people in their pursuit of a bright and successful future.”

AFC Commercial Director, Rob Wicks, is buoyed to see a valued commercial partner increase its support of the Club.

“Gary has been a long-time supporter over many years so to formalise his association with AFC into an official partnership was the natural evolution of our relationship.

“We know how important future planning is to achieve success and having GWWM on board as a key partner to support us will only strengthen our ambitions to grow the Club on and off the pitch.”