Pittodrie Catering Pricing Explained

15 July 2022
Author Aberdeen FC Media Team


Following Wednesday night’s match with Dumbarton at Pittodrie we wanted to further explain the changes that have been made to the matchday menu in conjunction with our catering partner BaxterStorey.

It’s the first time in four years that prices have been increased at the kiosks and it is never easy making the decision to put prices up and even more so in the current climate.

But we’ve been forced to do so as a direct result of the spiralling costs of raw ingredients, particularly meat and dairy, which you’ll all be seeing at the supermarket check-out. Labour costs have also risen in line with increases in wages to cope with inflation.

The Club and our catering partner, BaxterStorey, strive to deliver quality and value for money. We carefully reviewed our prices in line with the average 20% increase in the cost of food across the board. In balancing the enforced price increases, we’ve introduced some attractive meal deals and a range of new options to cater for vegetarians and vegans.

We’ve also been able to hold some items at 2019 prices including our Pittodrie Pie & Steak Pie Meal Deals. It’s true that some of our products, like our Pittodrie Pie and Steak Pies, could be sourced more cheaply but we’re committed to supporting local suppliers who, in turn, support local jobs and to using quality ingredients. As these fuel and supply chain cost increases hopefully subside, we will pass along any savings by reducing prices.

Over 4,000 hot items were sold on Wednesday night, including 2,500 pies, and so far we have received good positive feedback on quality with only a handful of complaints, mainly on pricing, in the 24 hours that have followed the match.

If you feel that something isn’t up to standard then please look to return it for a replacement and if you have more general feedback on the prices, quality and service of our catering, please contact our Supporter Liaison Officer via Your feedback matters and helps us to make improvements.