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Reaction from the Manager

December 4, 2021 6:21 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Reaction from the Manager

“The challenge is to continue it”


Six goals, six points from six and a place in the top six has made for a very encouraging week for the Dons but Stephen Glass was mindful that there’s still much to do after the 4-1 win over St. Mirren.

“Being back in the top six, two wins on the bounce, it feels much better than it did a week ago. The challenge is to continue it, because we’ve been here before. You have to keep riding the wave or you find yourselves in trouble again.

“Today was a difficult game to analyse in a way. We scored two goals nice and early, should have had a third, and then the game got a wee bit messy for a while in the first half, more than I would have liked.

“They’re a good team, Jim’s got them passing the ball and they didn’t give up on that at 2-0, so they were still dangerous. Joe’s made a couple of big saves for us in that first half, part of another good performance from the big man. He’s back to his best in the last couple of weeks, and long may that continue.

“Our quality wasn’t what it should have been at that stage which allowed them to come into it too much and they got their goal from that.

“It was good character from us to respond to St Mirren’s goal so quickly. We’d got a bit of a slap, which they brought on themselves a little bit, but the players found a way to fix it immediately, which was brilliant. We’ve got that in us. We’ve gone behind a few times and bounced back, and that says a lot for the boys we have here. There’s a toughness about them that they don’t get credit for sometimes.

“At 3-1 at the break, it’s always dangerous going into the second half because if the nick the next goal, it can start an onslaught. But we were very professional in the second half, our use of the ball was a lot better, we carried more threat, so overall, I have to be delighted with the players.

“The players were being questioned from outside before the Livingston game, and we’ve asked questions of them too, of course we have. That’s poked them a little bit and they’ve responded very well.

“The weather conditions we’ve had in the two games has probably helped, because you have to be tough to play in that or you get beat. You know when you go out there in those conditions, it’s a test of character as well as quality and the boys have come through with flying colours.

“As well as the result, I’m pleased we created some nicely worked goals. Jay was creative for us. He’s got an imagination that not many players have and he has the ability to execute his ideas. He can frustrate at times, but we knew that when we brought him in here.

“What he can do is see a pass, see an opening, he can bring players into the game and that’s an important quality. His physicality in these last two games has helped us too, his control of the ball as well, so we’re delighted with the way he’s responded to getting back in the side.

“It’s great to see Marley and Christian getting on the scoresheet, but they’re both disappointed they didn’t get hat-tricks, Hedges is disappointed he didn’t score, Funso the same, the goalkeeper made some good saves.

“But even with the goals and the chances, until we scored the fourth, there was always danger in the game because they are a good side. I was delighted we sealed the win, that we scored four goals and that in those weather conditions, there were no injuries.”