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Info for fans travelling to Celtic Park

November 25, 2021 10:09 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Info for fans travelling to Celtic Park




The weather forecast shows that it will be about 2 degrees, cloudy with a 10% of rain and 3-7 mph winds.

Please check local and national radio for ongoing trouble spots. Supporters are advised to routinely check the Transport and Traffic Scotland websites for live updates; www.transportscotland.gov.uk and www.trafficscotland.org Listen to traffic updates on the radio as you travel and plan to arrive at the stadium in plenty of time.

Supporters coaches and minibuses are advised to park in Springfield Road.

Please note that there will be a Minute’s Applause before KO in memory of the late Bertie Auld.


Aberdeen supporters will be accommodated in sections 119 -120 at Celtic Park.

Access is via turnstiles 66 & 67 which open at 1.00pm. Please arrive as early as possible to ensure that you get in before kick off at 3pm. Seats are for allocated seating.

COVID Protocols: Celtic are checking COVID Vaccine Passports. Please ensure you take a copy of your Vaccine Passport with you. This can be on the App, or a Paper copy. If possible, take both.

This is NOT a test event.

Face Coverings are required. Please ensure you take one with you and wear this at all times (unless eating or drinking, or if you take it off to sneeze/cough).

Please wash and sanitise your hands regularly.

To get a copy of your Vaccine Passport please click here:


  • People who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons
  • Under 18s
  • Participants (past or present) in COVID‐19 vaccine trial
  • The person responsible for the premises
  • Employees or volunteers working at event/venue Emergency services responders and regulators carrying out their work.

GOOD ADVICE – Recent away games have seen an increase in the carrying and use of pyrotechnic smoke devices inside and outside the stadiums. The throwing of any objects is strictly prohibited. The small minority of people who think this is acceptable are endangering themselves and others. DO NOT PICK UP ANY PYROTECHNIC DEVICES AS YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TYPE IT IS. SOME EXPLODE AFTER FLARING OR SMOKING. THESE CAN SERIOUSLY INJURY. SMOKE ALONE CAN HAVE SERIOUS HEALTH ISSUES FOR ASTHMATICS AND THOSE WITH BRONCHIAL OR OTHER HEALTH ISSUES. Please act responsibly and report any unacceptable conduct to Stewards or Police at the time. Self-policing is strongly advised.

Stewards and Police will be vigilant at the turnstiles and supporters should expect to be searched. All bags will be searched and tagged. If you don’t need your bag, don’t take it.

There is no smoking permitted in the stadium.

Kiosks are all cashless.

Please expect any flags to be examined for their content before being allowed entry.

Please have regard to public safety and the continued COVID protocols, which all players and match officials abide by, and refrain from encroaching onto the track side or playing surface unless instructed to do so in an emergency.

Both Clubs operate a zero‐tolerance policy towards racism.

UNACCEPTABLE CONDUCT:- As at all fixtures, unacceptable conduct will not be tolerated. Any individuals attending the match who are found to have engaged in unacceptable conduct may have disciplinary action taken against them. This may include removal of ticketing privileges for games, removal of season tickets and bans from stadiums for a specified period/or other appropriate sanctions. Unacceptable Conduct may also lead to criminal charges. Reference should be made to the SPFL Rules regarding Unacceptable Conduct.