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The Captain – Post Match Thoughts

August 1, 2020 7:01 pm Author: AFC Media Team
The Captain – Post Match Thoughts


“ I felt that in the first half, they clearly had the possession and that one real opportunity where we weren’t quite set up right and it ends up taking a little nick on the way through and our lads are going one way and it ends up going through.

“That is disappointing, and we are disappointed to lose the game.

“I felt that we were generally quite comfortable, and we didn’t give away too many opportunities. Ash has cleared one off of the line when we were pushing forward, and I felt that in the second half that we did quite well.

“With the goalmouth scramble at their end, it could have easily ended up in the net and we could have taken a point. We are very disappointed to lose the game, but we have to be encouraged by some of what we saw.

“It is not what we are used to, and it is the same for both teams. I do not think it affected the game too much, I felt as though there was plenty put in, plenty of competitive stuff, some good tackles, so I don’t think the play was affected too much.

“It is just getting used to it – I do think the lads feel used to it now – we have had a couple of preseason games here already.

“It is the same for every Scottish team that this is their first competitive game this weekend.

“For the red card, I asked Andy there and when you are stretching like that, it is hard to tackle any other way, if he had gone with his toe he was leaving himself wide open to getting a bad injury.

“There is no malice in it, Andy is not that type of player. He won the ball, if his studs were up, I can see why the referee has sent him off, I was at the other end of the pitch. Without seeing it again I can’t really comment too much. I do not think there was any malice in the challenge.

“When there is no crowd and their players and bench start shouting, it sort of emphasises it a wee bit as well.

“I had one shot from Hagi to save in the first half down to my left. Ash cleared one off the line in the second half, that is when we were committing men forward. We had to take a few chances and push men on. I felt comfortable during the game and I didn’t feel like we were overly stretched.

“Ultimately we lost the game and we have got to look at where we can improve.

“We have got a week to get some good training in and make sure we are right for next Saturday.”