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Aberdeenshire Shield | Paul Sheerin Reaction

November 5, 2019 11:53 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Aberdeenshire Shield | Paul Sheerin Reaction


“Really pleased with the nights work.

“Mainly pleased with their attitude, their desire to work hard for each other throughout the game and some of the quality on top of that was excellent. So it was an enjoyable night. Some of the stuff we played was pleasing on the eye but with a clinical edge to it at times.

“So I can have no complaints with any of the 14 players. None of them have dropped below the standards that we expect. Everyone has given something to the cause tonight.

“Bruce Anderson and Michael Ruth linked well up top.

“Michael has been thrown about all over the place (so far this season). He has played wide and played in areas of the pitch that have not suited him. So we tweaked the shape a bit tonight to allow him the opportunity to play up front.

“Michael, Bruce and Ethan set the tone with the press. It is vital they get that right at the top end of the pitch and I thought throughout the game thy got it spot on. I was pleased Michael got a couple of goals on top of all the work he did, and Bruce is Bruce. He scores goals and he has been like that from day one. If he continues to do that then his opportunity with come at some stage I am sure.

“The shape suited Stephen Gleeson also, where he can sit in there and dictate to people and drag them about. I thought he done that really well. He got a lot of touches and I am sure he enjoyed the game. His attitude when ever he has been with us has always been great.

“Seb Ross was another one in the middle of the park who was excellent. His work ethic is ridiculous. He covers the ground, he has pace. He plays the number ten role very well and we are also trying to get him to play in other areas of the pitch to see if he can play in a two, play on the right of a three. We played a diamond tonight and as I say he excels in that role but we want to help his development by playing him in different areas of the park. But wherever we play him, there is no getting away from what he gives to the team. He is a constant, he is a menace, he gets forward and has very good awareness as he showed that when he set up Bruce for one of his goals. I am not sure he would have got a pass (from Bruce) if the shoe had been on the other foot!

“Ethan Ross scored a brilliant goal. Ethan is a proper talent.

“Could he add more goals? Could he add more of an end product to his game? It is something we will keep working on but his ability with the ball at his feet is certainly not in question. He reminds me of Eden Hazard the way he twists and turns. If he can get to that level he will be doing ok!

“Like I spoke about in the Aberdeenshire Cup, this is a competition we want to go as far as we can in. We reached the semi-final of the Cup and we are now in the quarter-final of the Shield. We will see where it takes us. Your squad gets dragged about a bit but for those that play, we have to put demands on them to win it. We are not here to just play one game and then step aside, we are here to win the competition.

“Next up for the Reserve side is Huddersfield Town a week on Saturday in Yorkshire. We saw the frustration they had at the end of the 3-0 game we won at Brechin. We did do well against them and were excellent on the day, but it does appear from the results in the competition that when teams travel they are a bit lighter. We may have the same issue, we may not because the game has changed to a Saturday. Hopefully a few of the fringe players will be involved and that would be a great benefit to us. But we know it will be tough and we know they will want to put us back in our place so it will be a very good test and that is why we are playing these games.”