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September 14, 2018 1:16 pm Author: AFC Media Team

St Johnstone FC wishes to advise Aberdeen fans of a significant change in arrangements for tomorrow’s match at McDiarmid Park.


Due to a burst water main the road way at the rear of the North Stand is unsafe to use and as a result of this the North Stand will remain closed tomorrow.

All Aberdeen fans who have pre-purchased North Stand tickets will therefore be accommodated in the South (Ormond) Stand at the opposite end of the stadium. The row and seat numbers are the same in both stands and so existing row and seat numbers as shown on tickets for the North Stand should be used in the South Stand. There are a small number of pay at the gate tickets available in that South Stand.

Aberdeen fans who have pre-purchased West Stand family deal tickets or who plan to use the pay at the gate facility in the West Stand are unaffected by this change.

Stewards will be on hand to provide assistance if required.

Travel Information

Please leave plenty time for your journey and listen out on local radio for update. Check Traffic Scotland before you travel.

The V&A Museum is opening tomorrow in Dundee city centre and road closures are in place that are likely to impact upon the Kingsway. So please allow extra time for when you travel through Dundee.

As extensive trunk road creation and alteration continue to take place around McDiarmid Park, the following directions are for Aberdeen FC supporters who should follow these to help minimise delays to their journeys both before and after the game.

From the Broxden roundabout follow the ‘”Football Stadium” signage all the way to the Inveralmond roundabout. After turning full circle at that roundabout and heading back south on the A9 take the first available slip road which is signed for the football stadium.

At the top of this slip road there is an enforced left turn and after making this turn Aberdeen supporters should immediately move into the right hand filter lane (temporary signage will be in place indicating this) and enter the stadium car park by turning right.

Away supporters’ cars and buses will be accommodated at the west side of the all-weather pitch adjacent to the stadium although is expected to fill up quickly so early arrival is advised. Once this area is full, this area of the car park will be closed and Aberdeen fans will require to find on-street parking.

For more information on parking click here


At the conclusion of the game, away supporters will exit the car park via the gate closest to their car park and thereby gain quick and direct access to the A9 heading south towards the Broxden roundabout.

All Aberdeen fans are asked to follow these instructions to minimise delays to their own journeys and also aid the overall traffic management plan for all supporters and the wider local community.


Some tickets have already been bought for the West Stand. There are additional seats for walk ups on the day. Tickets for the West Stand are not for allocated seating. Please arrive in plenty of time to get parked and enter the stadium. All turnstiles will open at 2pm.

Supporters may be subjected to a search as part of the overall security threats. Please comply with any stewards instructions.

St. Johnstone FC do not permit smoking or vaping within the stadium. Flags must conform to fire regulations. The size of the flags will be at the discretion of the Safety Team and Police. Flag poles should be no longer than 1m in length. There will be limited space for larger flags. No surfing flags are permitted. Flags must not block advertising boards.

St. Johnstone operate a zero tolerance to any unacceptable behaviour, including sectarianist/racist incidents. Details of ground rules are printed on the back of the tickets. Please refer to St. Johnstone’s Web Site for more detailed ground regulations. Pyrotechnics are strictly forbidden. Supporters should expect to be searched before entering the stadium. Please be patient and cooperate with any requests from Stewards or Police Officers.


Thanks for your support – safe travel everyone COYR!


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