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Aurora Campaign Update & FAQ’s

August 28, 2017 12:00 pm Author: Aberdeen FC

The Aurora campaign is now up and running and, thanks to the fantastic support it has already received, is proving to be a great success!

While we are unable to respond to every enquiry we receive, the website will be updated regularly and, in addition, we have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions which will hopefully address some of the questions you have.

That said, if you are still unclear regarding any aspect of the campaign, please contact aurora@afc.co.uk


Safe Standing Section

Many fans have asked about the detail for inside the stadium. Apart from the gradients, nothing has been set in stone and, should we be granted planning consent, we will be consulting with our fans on the design of the interior of the stadium. Our goal is to significantly improve the match-day experience for everyone with a focus on safety, comfort and atmosphere.

Getting to Kingsford

We must have a stadium that is readily accessible and safe to get to and we have done a huge amount of work in this regard with our transportation strategy and traffic management plans. It’s very much in our own interests to ensure supporters come to the new stadium and Kingsford is only 5.9 miles from the city centre. So, as well as public transport, there will be regular shuttle buses that will have priority access into the stadium – from various locations in and around the city.

Why Kingsford?

The Club, in conjunction with Aberdeen City Council, has undertaken a comprehensive review of all seven potential sites within the city, including the current AECC site. The details of this feasibility study are on the Council’s website along with all our documents associated with the planning application.

This shows that many of the sites are either not large enough, unavailable or under multiple ownership making them unaffordable or more complicated to deliver. For example, the site of the AECC at Bridge of Don is not large enough to accommodate a community sports hub, training academy and new stadium with the associated parking. It is owned by Aberdeen City Council who will be seeking the best value possible e.g. from residential or commercial development to invest in the new exhibition centre. The City Council has planning permission in principle for mixed use development.

Loirston is included in this study but, after the Club had been granted planning permission, the City Council changed its policy and selected part of this site for the new City South Academy. This meant that there was not enough land available for our facilities and necessary parking. 

King’s Links has also been ruled out as it is under multiple ownership, including the Kings’ Links golf centre, is not large enough and would cost significantly more to build due to its coastal location with very challenging ground conditions.

Pittodrie is a land-locked site that, when redeveloped to UEFA standards, would have a much reduced capacity. The redevelopment would cause significant disruption for local residents and traffic users in a densely-populated residential area for several years – and would cost as much, if not more, than a new, purpose-built stadium with training facilities. Many of those pointing towards the redevelopment at Tynecastle now recognise the increased scope, cost and impact on schedule this type of work has created for Hearts.

Equally, Hearts have the option of playing matches at Murrayfield to overcome schedule over-run impacts but Aberdeen FC does not have such an option within our area, so where would we play AFC games during any redevelopment? Further, if we were able to redevelop Pittodrie, we would not benefit from the proceeds of the sale of the site.

We are not making an empty claim. Kingsford truly is the only remaining option. It is large enough and within the Club’s control, making it affordable and deliverable.

So how can you get involved and show your support?

You can demonstrate your backing by displaying the Aurora branded material, such as posters and stickers, posting supporting comments on social media using the hashtag #AllForAurora and providing public endorsements.

Collect a supporter pack from the AFC Club Shop:

Posters and stickers are now available to collect in an Aurora supporter pack from the AFC Club Shop at Pittodrie.

Download and display our Campaign Posters:

Poster One
Poster Two
Poster Three

State your support for the project in a letter to your local Councillor, MSP & MP:

You can make your voice heard, the best way to do that is to contact your local Councillor, MSP or MP!
Your views do count and it is important that you let your Councillors know you support the plans and the reasons why. Our elected representatives are much more likely to be convinced by respectful and sensible arguments. The Club does not condone intimidation, abuse or any forms of disrespectful behaviour. Indeed, any such behaviour will be detrimental to our plans.

Support the campaign on social media:

You can support the campaign on social media by using #AllForAurora!

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