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The Manager | Tynecastle Post Match

April 7, 2018 8:01 pm Author: AFC Media Team

“It’s very disappointing.

“I thought we were lacklustre in terms of possession on the ball and thought we played everything too safe.

“Hearts didn’t need to do a lot to get their goals, they came off the game and gave us a lot of the ball and it was up to us to certainly play at a different gear and be a bit more dynamic. Hearts play in a system we’re used to playing against. They play with that five and two centre midfielders, two narrow wide players so they’ve got bodies through the middle and we were guilty at playing on the outside of them and trying to move the ball really quick.

“I thought we were tepid, I thought we were just not dynamic enough and positive with are passing. We were far too safe. Then I thought we played into their barrel. The second goal we had two opportunities to clear it and we knocked it twice into a dangerous area so I thought both goals were avoidable. Both goals we were guilty of not dealing with a situation.

“Hearts didn’t need to do a lot today. They were the better team hands down. They thoroughly deserved their points, but they weren’t too expansive, they didn’t really go and work us. We beat ourselves today. We did ourselves in by playing in the wrong areas and not being sharp enough with our work. Hearts took full advantage.

“In the second half the changes helped in a way. It didn’t really change the flow of the game, but I’d have to say I thought Arnason and Mackay-Steven offered a bit more and Rooney hits the bar. We hit the woodwork twice today, but Hearts were worthy of their win.

Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes

“I didn’t think it was an emphatic win as Craig said. I thought they deserved to win the game, but we’re disappointed. We came here 19 points ahead of Hearts going into this game with so much to play for and we didn’t show a difference in the points and enough of the game’s importance to us.

“Up until recently we’ve been very good. The competitive side of the team has been very good. We’ve scored goals, beaten a resistant Dundee team, we’ve scored four against St Johnstone and had a very good win at Motherwell in midweek. So we came into this game looking for a bit more of the same and I thought we were guilty of a lot of things today and we weren’t good enough in possession of the ball and ultimately we’ve got a belt in the nose and we’ve lost the game.

“I toyed with getting some minutes and changing the team too much. I gave McGinn the chance to get some minutes ahead of the Motherwell game, but avoided making two or three because there’s obviously three missing, but I didn’t want to give any indication to the players that next week is more important than today.

“We went with more or less the same team that’s been playing. There was one change and it was McGinn to get some minutes (into him) to be honest. I’ve been pleased with what we’ve been getting. In the last six or seven games we’ve been very competitive. We’ve not always scored that many goals, but four goals against St Johnstone and two against Motherwell I was confident we could get the result.

“It shows you if you’re not on it you take a sore one, but as I said Hearts deserved their win today and not making good decisions and looking after the ball was our biggest thing.

“There’s going to be a lot in the last five league games. We all have to recognise that ourselves, Hibs and Rangers it’s all in our own hands. We can all finish second if we really go and grab the opportunity. We missed an opportunity today, but there’s plenty opportunities to rectify that. I certainly think we’re good enough, we always have to be competitive, but we need to be smart with our work.

Derek McInnes at full time

“I’m disappointed, but we’ve got a real opportunity to get to a cup final. I’m really looking forward to it, but at the minute and tonight we’ll go over the game today and try to right a few wrongs. Self reflection is important, but we’ll bounce back into Aberdeen n Monday. We’ve got a great chance to get in a final and hopefully we take that opportunity as well because it’s a fantastic thing to experience being in a cup final with Aberdeen. We’ve managed to win one, we’ve lost two, but we know the occasion and what it means. That’s why we signed up to Aberdeen, to take part in these types of games and hopefully we can be good enough next week to do exactly that.

“I think on today (performance) there’s no too many (players) that managed to cement their place in the game, but I’m conscious of the fact I’m listening to what I’m saying. I’m really pleased with what we’ve been giving recently and by in large to be up their joint second in the league and in a semi-final, it shows you we’ve got good players and it’s not normally a pattern they have a poor performance.

“Today we didn’t give the best account of ourselves, but I’m pretty sure whoever’s picked next week will be keen to do exactly that.”

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