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The Manager | St Mirren Pre-Match Conference

February 11, 2021 4:43 pm Author: afc media
The Manager | St Mirren Pre-Match Conference

“I have worked with this club for a long time now and you build up relationships.

“Any manager looks for support from the people you work for and I think it is no different. I am here to support the whole football department and players and try to get them through a tough time. We have the experience of being able to do that. It is not the first time we have had a difficult run of results, but we have always found a way to come through it and people at this club remember that.

“I have loads of support externally from supporters, messages and emails and I am absolutely delighted with all of that. I know there is a lot of people willing us to do well and I know what this clubs means, and I know what it means to myself and we just want to try and knuckle down with the job in hand.
“Three o’clock on Saturday is where it is important, and we just want to get on with the game. We just concentrate on the game, going into the game last week there was too much pressure on my boys going into it.

“Winning games is what is important. We have had a few blows with injuries, and we have had a few blows through January, not getting players in early enough. Scrambling about on the last day of the window is not how I want to do business. We could have done a lot of work earlier and better, there was a lot that I wasn’t too happy about.

“We are trying to reinvent the forward line. Kamberi is still trying to get his work permit resolved. Fraser Hornby has gone down with a bug and hasn’t been able to train with us. Greg Leigh and Hedges are probably out for the rest of the season. We are taking a few blows at the moment.

“I would rather concentrate on what we do have available to us, that is what the focus is, making our boys as good as they can be for Saturday and the rest of the season. We are hoping we can get the front lads up to speed to help our cause.”