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The Manager | Partick Pre Match Preview

March 9, 2018 4:42 pm Author: AFC Media Team


“It’s absolutely fantastic and brilliant news for a brilliant young man. He’s been excellent and really responded this season with his run in the team. Everything that’s getting asked of him he’s doing very well and getting that recognition. You would never know it through his manner and how he trains. He’s just a boy that wants to improve and be his best as he can be. He deserves the improved contract. We’re delighted he sees this opportunity to extend and be with us for the foreseeable future, but there’s no doubting he’s a huge asset to us. There’s going to be good things happening for Scott and thankfully for us for the next few years hopefully it’s going to be in an Aberdeen shirt.

“It was a conversation we were having with Scott and we spoke with his agent last week. As Scott said, it moved pretty quickly. There was a real willingness and it’s really refreshing when you’ve got a young player being advised properly, but a young player who has a real plan for himself. He’s as ambitious as any of them, but he is also mindful of the opportunity to build his reputation, to gain that experience, to play in a strong Aberdeen team and hopefully represent his country and play in cup finals and sample European football. He knows all of that is part of where he’s going to be as a player and gaining those yards and getting that experiences will only benefit him. He’s such a popular boy. Not only with the supporters, but with all the staff here and his teammates. It was an opportunity we took to extend it and I need to say it was done with the minimum of fuss. It’s just exactly how he plays.

“We’re not keen to sell him now, but we’re aware of the world we live in. The club and the board deserve huge credit in January for not being attracted to the offer. I think we recognised it was a strong offer, but we also recognised the importance of Scott being with us and trying to build something for all those reasons we’ve just mentioned. There will be offers for Scott in the future there’s no doubt about that. It’s not just the one club that will be looking at him. I’ve got a lot of contacts down south and people are always asking about him. His name’s getting brought up and hopefully he’ll be there or there abouts with the national team. If he’s part of a successful Aberdeen team that can only enhance his reputation. I’m not wanting to talk too much about selling him or moving him, that will happen, but thankfully not any time soon.

“I don’t think you ever expect (international call up) as a manager. You would always hope. I’m not here to tell Alex (McLeish) who should be in his squad. I don’t like people telling me who should be in my team neither, but I think there’s certain players at our club who have a strong case and I’m sure they’re in the thoughts of Alex. The time to comment on that is when the squad is made, but hopefully we get good news on that front.


Aberdeen Manager Derek McInnes.

“I’m looking forward to it. I think it’s important we get back to winning ways and back to league business. With only a few games left in the league, we’re well aware of the importance of picking up all three points. Most games between now and the end of the season, it’s something I’ve mentioned before, the fact there’s something on it for every team at the minute. The three points are vitally important for Partick as they are for ourselves. Whether it’s at the top end fighting for titles, Europe, top-six or getting away from relegation – it’s the same three points that’s as meaningful to each other. That in turn will bring a competitive game, but hopefully the motivation to get all three points is bigger in our dressing room. I’m looking forward to the game. We’ve got a good record against Thistle, but it doesn’t guarantee us anything, but we’re going down there to work hard and bring three points back.

“I’m surprised where Partick are and I’ve no doubts they’ll get away from it. I’m sure they’ll find the momentum to get themselves away from trouble. I know Allan well and I know how he operates and I’ve got a high regard for him as a manager, but tomorrow it’s a tough game for us. We don’t look at it any other way and don’t look at the opposition too much in terms of whether they’re in a good place or a bad place. We recognise the strengths of them, but we’ve got to make sure we concentrate on ourselves and bring that level of performance we’re capable of. I think that’s important to stress that to the players and hopefully we’re good enough to get the job done.


“It was surprising and a bit bizarre (Steve Clarke’s comments.) I think it’s Steve that’s brought it into the public domain. My comments, having looked back at them again, the fact was I was trying to defend Shay because I know Steve was keen to get Shay sent off and then keen to get me into trouble with the SFA. He actually got the penalty kick and it’s not me that’s brought it into the public domain. It’s not me or Tommy Wright that should be commenting on it to be honest and we haven’t done. If I wanted to, I would have mentioned he got booked for diving here a few weeks ago when we played them in the league. I would have mentioned he’s been booked already for diving against other teams this season and I would have mentioned he got booked last season for diving, but I didn’t. It’s Steve that’s brought it into the public domain.

“I have no problem with Jordan Jones and it was a penalty kick. I think the penalty was the right decision, but it wasn’t a foul by Shay Logan either. That all said, it’s much to do about nothing. I like Jordan Jones as a player so there’s nothing against the boy either. I tried to sign him in the summer and was keen to buy him so there’s no problem with the boy. I’m having to react to Steve bringing it into the public domain and for me it was done and dusted. We’ll look forward to the replay when it comes around.

“I’m here for a press conference for the Partick game tomorrow and they’ll be enough on the game next week. We’re looking forward to that, but I think it’s right that I answer the question about the comments and I feel as though I’ve answered them.


“Everyone is available bar Sam Cosgrove who’s suspended. So, we go down there in good health and hopefully a good frame of mind to get the job done.

“Joe Lewis is doing well. He’s doing far better than we anticipated at this stage. We were always hopeful we’d get him at maybe the middle of April and for the remaining games, but if all goes well and to plan he should be with us when we come back from the international break. He’ll miss tomorrow, Tuesday and next week, but he may well be available for the game after the international break.


“It’s a different competition and whether we win, lose or draw tomorrow it doesn’t really have any bearing on the Quarter-Final, but I think for us it’s important we try and find good form. Players take responsibly for their own form and try find a performance they’re capable of. Of course, we want to go on winning runs as we’ve shown time and time again in my time here and we’ve shown already this season. There’s no better time to go on an unbeaten run at this stage of the season when the games become even more meaningful. Hopefully that can be the case.

“I feel as though there’s a lot to look forward to, a lot to be positive about.

“McKenna signing and the opportunity to get into a Semi-Final next week and the opportunity to still fight for that second spot in the league. There’s a lot at stake for us, but also exciting at the same time.

“Hopefully we can aim towards that and supporters, players and staff working as one to get the job done.

“We’ve lost to Celtic and Hibs where there’s no real disgrace in that, but we know we need to bring a better level of performance at times against teams like that. We’ve drawn last week, and Kilmarnock are a team who have been doing very well of late and found a lot of teams have struggled to find a way to beat them. Although we have beaten them a couple of times this season, last week was tough and it was a penalty incident that gets them the draw. We know we’re better than we’ve shown in the last couple of games, but at the same time it’s always good to know you’ve got those improvements within your squad and that’s what we’re trying to concentrate on.”

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