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The Manager on RedTV | St Johnstone Pre Match

November 22, 2019 2:27 pm Author: Malcolm Panton
The Manager on RedTV | St Johnstone Pre Match

“The manager started his press conference by speaking about Andrew Considine, on the verge of making his 500th appearance.

“I think it is very rare.

“The fact so few Aberdeen players have managed to get to 500 appearances suggests that is the case and even more so in the modern era. The world has become a smaller place with more opportunities for players and players are more willing to try something different, and experience different challenges.

“Andy has always been quick to resign any contract offers. I have always been quick to give him it.

“Over the last few years he has been playing and doing well for a club competing at the right end of the table which means that he probably would have other opportunities but he has always been quick to resign which is brilliant for me, because it is not always easy to resign good players after they have done well for you.

“Andy has certainly done well for me.

“I have spoken often enough about his qualities. The consistency of Andy, the professionalism of Andy and regardless of where we play him, he is always a very steady performer. Sometimes he is better than steady and sometimes he scores goals, important goals for us as well. But he has always been someone who I have enjoyed working with.

“Thankfully we will get a chance to work together a bit longer.

“In every team and every era there have always been players who have not received the credit they deserve. I am sure Aberdeen fans will look back at previous teams and players where that is the case. There are always guys who grab more headlines but behind every successful team there are players who go about their work a bit more unnoticed.

“If you ask his team mates and his previous managers, and myself and all my staff, we have such a high regard for him.

“Once to get to work with a player you get to see more of his qualities. Ask any of his team mates, they would say the same.

“I do think Andy has improved. And that improvement is down to him. He has embraced the professional element that is at the club and the new way we work. He has bought right into it and I think he has flourished.

“The only thing that is missing from his career at the moment is an international cap and maybe more trophies. That is what we want to try and work together towards.

“But I do think 17 years at one club, 500 games on Sunday, if selected! – Andy is at a place where he enjoys being and that comes out in his performances.”

Full match preview to follow this afternoon.