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The Manager | Kilmarnock Post Match Reaction

September 1, 2018 7:53 pm Author: AFC Media Team

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The game

“I felt disappointed with some of the decisions out there today.

“It’s tough when you go down to ten men so early on, rightly or wrongly. Whether he’s deemed that as the last man, that’s debatable to say the least.

“I think it’s maybe consultation with his linesman on the earpiece, I don’t know and sometimes these one’s go for you or against you.

“We went 4-4-1 and tried to contain them with two banks of four and counter through Niall and Gary on the wings.

“It’s difficult being the home team when the onus is still on us and Shinnie was desperate to go pick and choose his battles, but there was a need for discipline within that shape when you go down to ten and I thought for the majority of that first half we did it pretty well.

“Kilmarnock didn’t open us up too much, but the onus was on them to go and test us and beat us. Two minutes from half time we conceded a very good goal from their point of view in terms of the quality of the free kick, but the build up to the goal we feel really aggrieved by.”

The first goal

“It’s different if my player plays it against O’Donnell and it’s just hit his arm, but it’s his bad control that’s knocked it onto his own arm and the momentum pushed it forward. He gets that side of young Max and that for me should have been deemed a handball. Then my first thought is Shinnie wins the ball when Craig Thomson blows for the free kick. Brophy scores a fantastic goal over the wall and despite conceding a lot of the possession it’s that goal that’s ultimately made the task that bit difficult.

“We spoke at half time and wanted to stay in that shape and counter attacking at the right times to pick and choose our moments. The intention was to get two strikers on the pitch and we went man for man at the back, but we don’t defend that well enough.”
Second goal

“Greg scores a brilliant goal, but he shouldn’t be allowed to be that comfortable in getting in on our goal. He should have been dealt with a lot sooner in the build up to it and we defended poorly in that instance. That kills the chance of winning the game and takes the wind out the players sails.”


“It was a great effort from the players, but to go with 10 men for so long we needed a lot of things to go for us today and they didn’t.
“We’ll look at the red card and make a decision. (about an appeal)

“I haven’t seen it again and I thought at the time it was really harsh on us.

“Whether Brophy’s going to get in on goal, that’s a decision for the referee’s got to make, but I think he made it a bit quick without consultation and we’ll maybe look at that before appealing.

“Sometimes these things are aren’t worthwhile. Referees need to make these decisions, but I just thought we didn’t get the rub of the green with the decisions today and a few things transpired against us.”

Max Lowe’s Debut

“Max is a good boy and he’ll be fine.

“We’ve not had the chance to see him at his best because going down to ten men you have to pick and choose your moments. He’s an attacking full back and he had to defend a lot, but I thought he stuck to his task very well. He’ll be good for us Max. We’re normally better than that and he’s not seen us at our best. There will be big games for him to go and showcase himself. Young Max was one who stuck to his task manfully.

“Greg Stewart being that extra man suits him. I thought he done well today and caused us problems by drifting between the lines, but I thought defensively we could have done better.”

Injury Update

“We can’t get out the bit at the minute with injuries.

“Reynolds has done his cruciate is and out till February. Tommie Hoban will now go and get a shoulder operation from last week and he’ll be out for two – three months. Mckenna is still missing but we’re hoping he can be back next time. We just had Shay Logan back from a three-game suspension, we’ve now got Devlin probably suspended so we’ve been a wee bit in-between everything. James Wilson was injured, and he’d have started the game because we worked with him all week to try and get him that start. Scott Wright lit the place up with his performance against St Mirren here and he’s out so maybe the international break comes at a good time for us to try and overcome one or two injuries. We can hopefully get a run of keeping players fit and James needs that as well.”

Scott McKenna

“It was important we kept Scott.

“I had a conversation with Steve Bruce last Thursday and he intimated they liked McKenna and they may make a bid. We said if you do it needs to be within the next 48 hours because the later you wait there will be more resistance towards it. That’s how it played out and Steve’s one of the game’s good guys, but when I saw his phone ringing yesterday morning it was never going to be anything that was going to be welcomed by us at that late stage.

“How can you replace McKenna with five/six hours of a transfer window to go?

“The figure they offered wasn’t enough anyway, but certainly the timing was the biggest factor in all it. Once you speak to Scott we’re not dealing with just a standard footballer, he’s something a bit special and he deals with everything in his stride. If he has had any disappointment, then he’s certainly hid it well.

“He’s worked ever so hard with the physios and all he’s thinking about is getting himself ready for the St Johnstone game. They don’t make them like him too often these days and he’s a brilliant boy. I can say to him with my experience of being around the game a long time that we’ve got so much confidence that his time will come. He backs himself and he trusts me. We’ll develop him and if offers come in January or the summer or beyond we’ll take our time. McKenna will end up going onto represent Aberdeen and Scotland very well in the future.”

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