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The Manager | Hibernian Post Match

May 5, 2018 7:30 pm Author: AFC Media Team

Derek McInnes

“Firstly, I’m disappointed we haven’t won and I think it’s an opportunity that’s passed us by.

“It’s very rare that we don’t score at home and very rarely Hibs don’t score so that maybe in it’s self tells the high regard (the teams have for each other) and the tightness of the game.

“We’re more than a bit disappointed we haven’t won the game. I thought we had the better chances to win it. Niall hit the bar, there was one saved off the line and Reynolds’s chance at the end, but in saying that Joe makes the save for the penalty and all in a draw was maybe the right result for both teams.

“I thought 10/10 for effort from our players today. It was two teams with a lot of speed and endeavour on the pitch and with the hot conditions it was energy sapping. We had one or two that hadn’t play games of late and I think that took its toll in the last 15/20 minutes when we’re still trying to crank it up.

“We made the subs to try and keep the energy in the team. I think it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we missed Kenny McLean’s composure at times today. I feel as though at times we’ve missed that type of player this season, but certainly when Kenny’s not in the team we certainly miss it. He brings that thought and quality of passing and composure at the right times to offset everything else that we go today. I thought today we were very industrious and the players put everything into it, but unfortunately, we weren’t quite clinical enough and we didn’t quite find a way to win a very tight match.

“That type of game it’s difficult for the referee. I think a lot he got right and a lot he got wrong and we mentioned to the players at half time the need for discipline and composure. Don’t be getting sent off as it not only impacts today’s game, but the next one. Certainly, today were two committed teams doing all they could to win the game and neither quite found that quality to win it.

“I was pleased with a lot of the attacking play today as well. We could have got bodies closer to Cosgrove at times, but I was pleased with McGinn and Mackay-Steven trying to commit people and driving on.

“We tried to be as positive as we could, and we have a healthy regard for Hibs. We went two in midfield against their three and their three are good in there. There had to be a trade off if we wanted to play with two wide players and two strikers.

“I thought Greg Stewart gave us a wee bit more composure when he came on at the start of the second half, but unfortunately, we never quite maintained that composure and train of thought. I think there was reasons for it as there were a lot of tired players in both teams at the end.

“It’s been a long season and both teams deserve a lot of credit for still putting in that shift at this stage of the season, but three clean sheets are a real positive.

“We move on and ourselves, Hibs and Rangers – it’s very unusual with two games to go we can all finish fourth, third or second. First job for us is to try get into Europe and hopefully a win on Tuesday we can do that. Ultimately, we still want to finish second and we’re still right in the mix for that.”


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