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The Manager | Hamilton Accies Preview on RedTV

February 10, 2020 4:17 pm Author: AFC Media Team
The Manager | Hamilton Accies Preview on RedTV

Current Form

“This is a tough period for us, and I get that.

“We need to back and trust ourselves that the answers are in the building. Even if we finish third and have a brilliant cup run it might not be enough for some.

“The majority of our support would see us finishing third and having a really good cup run as some sort of satisfaction for the season.

“We are a very tight group.

“We have always had a good bond with our players. I know how much they care.

“Nobody can point the finger at my players and say that they are not working hard enough. You can see a team that is desperate to do well but we have got to try and help ourselves more in the final bit.

“That comes from a bit of confidence, a bit of quality in that final third, putting yourself in that position to miss.

“Sometimes when you are lacking in confidence you don’t put yourself in that position to miss and you need to do that.

“There are certain parts of the team functioning well, the effort is there in abundance. We just need to stay tight, work hard, keep our heads down. Try and ignore the noise, it is difficult at times, but we have got to just try and knuckle down with the job.

“I still feel as though there is a lot of support out there. Everybody is desperate for us to do well. Everybody is desperate for us to have better performances.

“We have got a brilliant support of this club.

“We work for a brilliant club.

“We just need to get brilliant results onto the pitch. That is what we will continue to work towards.

“Nothing changes, we don’t feel sorry for ourselves. I am not sitting hiding away. The players are putting themselves forward, we are working hard to get the right results.

“I feel as though we are going to have a stronger end of the season than we are currently going through.

“It is tough, and football is like that.

“We are probably judged on the same sort of scale as a Hibs and a Hearts. They would grab our league position at the moment. They would grab the opportunity to go third tomorrow.

“We are not satisfied with our lot at the moment, there is still so much we can improve on, but we are going for third spot this season and I will believe we will get there.”


Full match preview to follow