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The Manager | Accies Post Match

November 1, 2018 12:36 am Author: AFC Media Team

“I think the game could have potentially been trickier than what it was.

“After the weekend and the physical exertions of the players we had to get them up and going again as we have to get the league form going again.
“Hamilton came up here on the back of a good result at Kilmarnock and set up 5-4-1 as we maybe expected, and the onus was on us to break that down. I thought Hamilton set up to counter-attack and they did it two or three times pretty well.

“We were guilty of giving away possession and there were moments of sloppiness, but there were also real moments of quality. When teams sit like that against you it’s a mixture of having the tempo to play about them and help find that quality, but also find the balance with patience and that was sometimes difficult.

“We scored two very good goals with good a good run and great strike from Shinnie. The second one from James Wilson is probably as good a goal as we’ve seen from anyone this season – it was top drawer. He comes off his man, looks up and scores from all of 30 yards. It was unstoppable and a fantastic strike. 2-0 we were good value at half time and it was important to get more control in the game knowing that we had the win and hoping to get the clean sheet.

“James worked hard. I think it’s clear that the boy’s not had a lot of football in the last few seasons and he’s had injuries, so you can try get him up to speed, but the only way you can get him to where he’s needs to be is by getting him on the pitch. I thought he worked extremely hard for the team. He was bright enough with his work and there’s more to come from him clearly. I think when you see the quality of the strike it shows what the boy’s capable of. We don’t expect him to score those types of goals every game, but it’s his second goal at Pittodrie and hopefully it’s a sign of things to come. We want regular goalscorers, but if we can score three at home most weeks I’ll be happy.

“You know you’re having a good night when Mikey scores from 30 yards.

“The wind was difficult for the keepers tonight and defenders, but he’s caught it really sweetly. It opened up for him and there were a lot of bodies in front of him, but it’s a lovely clean strike from big Mikey. It’s good for him and we want goals from all areas of the pitch. I thought he and Scotty again played their part in getting the clean sheet. There were moments of sloppiness, but we saw a lot of the ball and had to be a wee bit sharper, but it’s great we managed to get Mikey on the score sheet.

“Credit to Hamilton as ever as they never give up. Hamilton play as if they are 1-0 down all the time and even when it goes to two and three they always believe and keep going. They kept us on our toes, so it was great to get the third goal and great to get the clean sheet. On the back of Sunday, it’s great to follow up with another win.

“I think every team looks for momentum.

“Wins are going to be hard to come by this season as the league’s stronger. I think Hamilton are stronger than they’ve been in the last couple of years, but most teams you could say that about. You’ve seen tonight there’s a couple of draws so any winning run you can get on will be much sought after.

“We’ve always been good at getting those types of unbeaten runs throughout the season. We’re going to have to work hard to maintain that and another challenge is Sunday against Kilmarnock who have started the way they finished last year. It’s good to get another clean sheet, the three points, get amongst the goals and we’ll rest up. The players will be in tomorrow to recover and start to focus on Kilmarnock.”

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