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The Christmas Interviews | The Manager

December 24, 2018 3:16 pm Author: AFC Media Team

In a special interview for RedTV, the manager looks back at an eventful year and towards 2019. To watch the inteview please click on the red button.

“If you look back to how the players finished last season, clinching second spot, 2018 has been a year where we have still been pushing, we have still been competitive. We lost a cup final recently and had a chance of winning that one and I thought the players did ever so well to try and win the cup. You need a lot of things to go in your favour in a final, especially against Celtic, but I thought it was a decent cup run.

“We qualified for European and you think back to the games against Burnley. It was a tough draw when you saw the other teams in that pot. It was a sore one but exciting nonetheless and there was a lot of pride with the level of performance.

“2018 you obviously also think about how we have had to rejig the squad again, players out, players in; players who gave us good service have left us in the summer such as Kenny Mclean, Ryan Christie, Adam Rooney – players we had leaned heavily on for a period of time.

“So again, it was a case of trying to reshape the squad to try and be as competitive as we can so when the 2019 season ends, we can be pleased with our work again.

“It is fair to say we have recruited well in terms of the younger ones – Lewis Ferguson, Michael Devlin, Sam Cosgrove. Some we are still looking for a bit more from, but it is always the way. You don’t get everyone hitting form that you bring in.

“But by and large we are finishing the year hopefully with us at the top end of the table, where we were when we started 2018.

“Looking forward to 2019 where we can maybe kick on, get to the Scottish Cup final and compete for that and qualify for Europe again.

“Looking back yes there have been some games where we have been really disappointed and not taken the chances that have been given to us, but overall it has been a successful year from the players.”

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