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The Captain “We now need to look forward”

March 18, 2021 6:52 pm Author: afc media
The Captain “We now need to look forward”

“Derek and Tony were here for eight years. Derek has been the manager for the full five years I have been at Aberdeen. Everyone has a tremendous amount of respect for the work they did here. They did a lot for my career and I will always be very grateful to them for that.

“There is always a bit of upheaval, a strange feeling when the manager leaves, I have experienced it before at other clubs. For some people here, especially the younger lads, it will be the first time they have experienced it. I am sure they will experience it again during their long careers. It is part and parcel of being in football. Part and parcel of any business I guess. It is never easy.

“Paul Sheerin and Barry Robson have been brilliant and really stepped up and training has been excellent.

“Massive credit to them and Neil Simpson for having the impact they have had straight away. They have always had the respect from the boys.

“They have been great at just focusing on the game.

“We have had a really good spell of training during the last ten days. Probably not having a game last weekend was a bit of a blessing. It allowed us to get rid of the emotions of last week.

“Everyone has really enjoyed it, there have been some fresh ideas which I think the lads have really taken on board well.

“I have been really impressed with the way Paul has come in (to the role). We have Neil Simpson as well. His experience of this football club is like no other. He is not overly vocal, he does not scream and shout, he does not get too involved during the sessions but he drops in some great information here and there. He does not say a great deal but when he does everyone listens. That is a very good quality to have.

“Everyone has confidence in the coaching staff that we have got. We have enjoyed working with then and are looking forward to implementing their instructions on Saturday.

“The clean sheet stats are good but ultimately all I care about is the success of the football team. When you are trying to be positive and need positive angles to come at things, then certainly that is one to look at and one we can take confidence from. We are all responsibly for that, in the same way we are all responsible for the lack of goals we have scored. We can’t put the blame solely on the strikers. We keep clean sheets to win football games and we have not done that enough.

“We are all disappointed with the way the season has gone. But now is not the time to be looking backwards. We can do that once the season is finished.

“We now need to look forward.

“There is still a lot to play for this season.

“It is a massive few weeks. There is the Scottish Cup and six massive league games for this football club which will define the season for us. It has not been ideal, it has not been a great season up to now, we have not really hit a great run of form at any stage but there is no better time to do that than now. A great run of form could yet get you some very big prizes for this football club.”