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Stevie May | Livingston Preview

March 15, 2019 12:17 pm Author: AFC Media Team

“Tuesday was huge.

“The fact that we had so many young players in the team with injuries and suspensions, that made it a bit sweeter.
“It was a tough game, we had our backs to the wall for a lot of it, but we were comfortable throughout apart from one or two times in the first half when we had a bit of luck or Joe pulled a great save off.

“It was great for us, for the young players and for the fans as well.

“It was very similar to a few months ago when we stayed down, we got the recovery right together as a squad and I think that helped. I think the boys were as fresh as they could be and raring to go. The adrenaline helps for a game like that and gets you through when your legs are a bit tired.

“Our away form has been great, but we now need to improve our home form.

“We probably do have to get better at breaking down teams that come and sit in, we have shown before that we have more than enough quality to do that. We just need to make sure that we are on our game from the first whistle and don’t start slow, as soon as you do that it gives teams like that a bit of hope and it can get worse from there.

“When you get a chance to get in the team you want to take it. It was a good game for me in midweek.

“It’s a funny old game. Injuries and suspensions can give you a chance. That’s how I got my first chance in football, due to an injury. It’s the same for the young players here who have came in as well, Dean Campbell getting his first start – what a game to do it in. It was a great experience for a lot of players and it was good to get back in and get the win.

“I don’t tend to overthink things after a game because things could eat away at you if you let them.

“You just want to do your best for the team, if you win the game that’s the main thing and if I score that’s a bonus. If I could play every game between now and the end of the season and not score but we would win them all, it would be a good season.

“As a young player when I was coming through or going to a new club, until you had started or scored in a big game you didn’t feel as big a part of things until you had done that. I am sure our young players here will be feeling more part of it now and will take the rest of the season in their stride.

“For opposition playing against players that haven’t played much, they don’t know what they are getting so it can be good in that sense. It’s nice to have young players doing well around the squad, they do bring a fearlessness which can be good for everyone else. It keeps players on their toes too.

“There are other young players coming through who we haven’t seen yet. It’s a credit to the youth staff with the talent that’s coming through. Added to the experience we have got, it has the potential to be a really exciting season.

“There is no reason why we can’t catch Rangers, we have got to believe and take every game as it comes. We need to get as man points as possible and get a good run of form heading into that cup game when it comes.

“I think 90% of Livingston’s games have been tight this season because of the way they play and the way they defend. We are looking to come out the traps and start the game really well and build on it from there.”

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