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SPFL Trust Trophy Reaction | Barry Robson

October 6, 2021 11:05 pm Author: Aberdeen FC
SPFL Trust Trophy Reaction | Barry Robson

Barry Robson spoke to RedTV after tonight’s defeat in the SPFL Trust Trophy. To watch in full on RedTV, please click on the red button.

“Tonight was so frustrating.

“For the first 30 minutes before Dean got sent off I thought that we were outstanding in the game. We pressed them really well, I thought that they couldn’t deal with our press and we kept using our triggers to win it off of them and we were hitting them on the counter attack.

“The biggest frustration for me is that I wanted to see how we coped over 90 minutes with our young team against them.

“The red card is probably the right decision but it ruins the game. It is a huge ask after that when you are playing with younger players against men.

“Overall how we have played and how we have performed in games in this tournament has been very good.”

Captain Mason Hancock also spoke to RedTV after the match, to watch in full, please click here.