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Scottish Cup R5 Preview | The Manager on RedTV

February 7, 2020 1:44 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Scottish Cup R5 Preview | The Manager on RedTV

“The cups have always been very important to us.

“We have been a very strong cup team in my time here and we want to continue that. We went out of the League Cup on penalties at Tynecastle, it was a night of frustration.

“The Scottish Cup is very important to us. The fact that we are at home helps matters.

“We have the Red Shed initiative tomorrow, they will be right behind the team, it is important that we respond to it.

“Hopefully we can get ourselves into the next round of the cup.

“We don’t want the narrative of the season only to be about finishing third and qualifying for Europe.

“Anytime we have had a good cup run, a lot of the time it has defined the season. The benefit of having a good cup run comes financially and that feel good factor is crucial to any club.

“We are one of the few clubs who come out and say that we want to go out and win it and we feel that we can win it.

“Hopefully we can enjoy Saturday and enjoy the win.

“It is important that the players see the bigger picture, it is a step towards where we want to be. The whole visual of a cup final and how important it is to the players, the club, the families. When you go into a competition it is about seeing the bigger picture.

“We feel in Europe and the league that we are not going to win those competitions, but we always felt that we could put a team out that is capable of winning the cup.

“We have done it once. We have been to numerous finals and semi finals and we have been close on a number of occasions to adding to that.

“We want to make sure that this season is the season that we can look back and be proud of our efforts.”