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Scottish Cup Quarter-Final | Michael Devlin

March 1, 2019 3:14 pm Author: AFC Media Team

“When you come back from a long term injury you want to get as much game time as possible and as soon as possible. It’s nice to be back fit and great to get some game time.

“Wednesday was a difficult game for us all. The performance level wasn’t quite where we wanted it to be, but with each game that allows me to get closer to the level I expect of myself and what the gaffer expects as well.

“We have to let go of Wednesday. It was a disappointing result and a poor performance, but our focus is now on Sunday and it’s a great way to bounce back from such a disappointing result. Our full focus has to be on that and we spoke about it after the game and yesterday. We reflected on the game and the performance and said we needed to put it to bed and fortunately we’ve got another big game coming up in a couple of days’ time. As I said there’s no better way to bounce back than by getting a positive result.

“We take the positives from our meetings with Rangers this season. Obviously we lost the most recent meeting, but on that day we performed well and were unlucky not to get something for the game. On that our record this season’s been good so we’ll call up on those experiences to give us confidence going into Sunday. We’ll look back at the things we did well in those games and try take it into Sunday. There’s every reason to be excited by the game and we’re certainly optimistic we can get the result that ourselves and the club want.

“Whoever plays up from for Rangers will pose problems for any defence in the league. They’re scoring goals at will at the moment and certainly their two wide players are no different to that. Whoever plays for Aberdeen defensively on Sunday we know we’ll have our hands full. The first task is to go try keep a clean sheet and keep those players and bay and gives the players at the top end of the pitch to go win us the game.

“We’re not going to get too carried away in terms of one game is going to be the be all and end all. Certainly, we know it’s a big opportunity and we don’t hide away from the fact we want to do well in cup competitions and we want to bring silverware back to Pittodrie. Sunday’s an opportunity to progress into the Semi-Final of the Scottish Cup and it will be a tough game and tough ask to go play against a Rangers side who are full of confidence and playing well. As a player you want to play in the big games and against the best players. Certainly, that’s what lies ahead of us as a big occasion and it’s a great opportunity to take that step further to achieving the successes that we want. We won’t blow it out of preparation. It’s a big game, but we’ve got big personalities in the changing room and we want to compete in these games.

“As an Aberdeen player that’s (stepping up) expected of you and that’s what disappointing about results like Wednesday night against Hamilton that probably not enough of us done that. That’s why we lost the game and Sunday’s no different to that. It’s expected that you stand up and take part in the game and bring your level and if you do that with the player’s we’ve got we’re confident we can get a positive result.

“There’s no better occasion round the corner after the disappointment of Wednesday with Rangers at home. We’ve gave our fans something to cheer about against Rangers this season with the game at Ibrox, the Semi-Final and the last minute equaliser with young Bruce at the start of the season. We can hopefully replicate that on Sunday and get a real feel good factor at the club again.

“At times these things happen (poor results). It’s not expected or wanted, but in football you’re desperate for the next game to come around and for us it’s a couple of days later. It’s good because you don’t have much hanging about between games and it’s a massive game as well. Everybody’s really excited for the prospect of the game on Sunday and our full focus is on that and you need to move on from disappointment.

“When I came to the club something that was so exciting about joining a club like Aberdeen was playing in cup finals and competing at the top end of the league. This season for the most part we’ve done that and had that opportunity in the final. I didn’t play in it, but it’s not all about me it’s about the team and trying to bring silverware back here. We narrowly missed out that day and as great as it would have been to play in the final it’s good for the team to be there. We want to go one step further and try win a trophy. We’re not there yet and we want to try beat a very good Rangers side on Sunday. That’s the next step on going on that journey to try do that.

“Any Rangers game’s big enough regardless of the previous result whatever it may be. For us we’ve done well against Rangers so will take the positives and confidence going into the game on Sunday that we can try do that again.

“It’s important to try have a cool head and it’s easy to probably get carried away in a game of such magnitude. There’s always a bit of tension between both sets of supporters and it’s important everyone on the park know their job, stick to the game plan and carry out what the manager’s asking and almost forget about that and go do their job best they can on the pitch.”

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