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Sam Cosgrove on RedTV

February 8, 2019 12:01 am Author: AFC Media Team

“The initial thoughts coming out the game are disappointment.

“If you look at the whole 90 minutes, I think we defiantly deserved something out the game especially second half when they had their backs against the wall. We were trying to push for those two goals that would bring us level. We just couldn’t find that cutting edge to make.

“I think it’s two very evenly matched sides going at it and both teams were in it to win it. It’s been a part of our side all season that we’ve not conceded goals. It was just one of those days that every shot fell for them and they’ve scored the goals.

“It was touch and go for me as my back was playing up a bit. It’s a bit temperamental, but if I could play I was always going to make myself available. It’s not a fixture I was ever going to miss.

“We’ve stressed up to now that it isn’t a title race yet and it still isn’t. There’s still so much football to be played and so many points to be gained and lost. Both sides we can still be up there.

“There’s a lot of points to play for coming up. We’re not even looking ahead as it’s a big game on Sunday with the chance to get through to the next round of the cup. We’re still in a good position going forward and still in the cup so there’s a lot to look forward to.

“I just want to score as many goals as I can. It should be any striker’s aim to be top scorer in the league especially at a club like Aberdeen. I want to be able to get as many goals and as many points for my team as I can.

“I wouldn’t say I expected it, but I always knew there was the potential to be there (scoring goals). I’m not a superstitious guy but there are different fortunes you can get in football. The ball wasn’t falling for me at the start of the season, but they are now and I’m just taking my chances.

“There are certain pressures in football but most players thrive on the pressure especially the boys in our team. There were a number of players who could have stepped up and took that penalty, but I’m feeling confident at the moment and I just wanted to see the ball hit the net.

“The support’s never been in question. The fans turn up in their numbers to the home games and even the away games we sell out most allocations. The atmosphere was fantastic on Wednesday night and it’s almost that twelfth fan at times when we’re pushing. It does spur us on and we’re grateful to the fans. They will have a big part to play during the rest of the campaign, starting on Sunday.”

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