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Sam Cosgrove on RedTV

January 7, 2019 8:00 pm Author: AFC Media Team

“It didn’t take a lot of persuading. As soon as it came through it was never a matter of if I was going to sign it was just about getting it done as soon possible.

“The form recently and over the past couple of months has been a good learning curve for me.

“It came at a brilliant time for me. The amount of fixtures we had in December was testing and gruelling for the team, but we came through strongly with a lot of wins and a lot of points and that’s taken us into high spirits and everyone can enjoy the winter break.

“I’ve been working with the staff and the players here and it’s something that I’ve stressed before, but the standards here are sky high. That starts from the manager all the way down to the players. It’s something we thrive on every day and we look forward to coming in and playing our football and it helps massively. It’s helped my all round game so much with my hold up play and just being a nuisance and getting us up the pitch.

“The first time I heard it [my song] we were down in Burnley and all my mates were there joining in. it is quite funny and it’s a catchy tune so I enjoy it. It’s good fun as long as it comes out at the right time!

“We knew that from the beginning the consistency (or inconsistency!) in the league means everyone’s been in and around it. We didn’t have the start we would have hoped for with the first few games, but I think the run that we’ve been on the past month has put us in a great position going into the second half of the season.

“The stress on the squad in recent weeks has been high, but credit to everyone involved in the club. I’ve said before when we’re winning games, which we were, you don’t feel tired and the aches and pains so it’s credit to everyone for pushing through.

“You saw in the last game at Livi there were three strikers on the pitch and although it wasn’t as much a goal fest as in recent weeks, I think everyone did their job extremely well. Willo came on and got the breakthrough near the end and that’s exactly what a squad’s about. Everyone plays their part whether it’s starting, doing the dirty work or coming off the bench and being a match winner.

“The Scottish Cup is massive. You saw what happened with the League Cup and the backing we got and how much the fans enjoyed it. It’s a great day out for everyone involved. There will be no complacency going into the game next Saturday and the Scottish Cup is something we thrive on at this club. Cup runs get the fans involved and another day at Hampden would be massive.

“It can go one or two ways [signing a new contract]. I can relax, but to me it’s just another incentive to push on. It’s a reward getting an extra few years on my contract and it is a bit of security, but for me it’s just about pushing on and showing what more I’ve got to come.”

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