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Sam Cosgrove | Hibernian Post Match

October 5, 2019 10:36 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Sam Cosgrove | Hibernian Post Match

Sam Cosgrove spoke to RedTV Post Match.

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The point

“Looking at the bigger picture we have to say that a point is ok.

“At the start of the game, and after we equalised, we expected the win.

“We knew we needed a big performance after last week.

“I don’t think we quite brought that performance for the full game but for the last half hour after the red card, that is more what we are about – that fight and determination and I think the fans appreciated that in the end.

“At times you would not have thought it last week, but that is the mentality, the fight and resilience that we have got in the side.

“As soon we went down to ten men you saw us switch.

“We played some good stuff in the first half, we were the better team but then at the start of the second half they have got a goal out of nothing and then you start to think, here we go again.

“On reflection, the way we have turned the game around, we have got to take positives from that.”

Number 14

“My fourteenth goal of the season was certainly an important one.

“I felt with ten men we were the better side and deserved the goal. Although they missed a couple of chances earlier on, once we got the equaliser I felt that we were the more likely side to get the win. They had some chances on the counterattack and you would expect it to be the other way around with them having the extra man.

“That just show the capabilities that we do have when we put it together. We have come away quite disappointed that we have not got the three points.”


“You saw the impact Andy and Scott had today, coming back into the side.

“The goal we concede, it is from a set piece and that is sloppy. But I felt in open play they did not bother us too much. That is the confidence and quality Andy and Scott bring to the side. It is good have them two back, but we are going to be missing another two key first team players for the next couple of games.

“We just have to deal with it.

“We have been dealing with it for the past while and I we are just going to have to cope with it.”


“Ethan Ross is still a young boy but the confidence that he shows it training, he has deserved his start. I think we got a glimpse of Ethan today, the quality that he can bring to the side. He is a good quick player, he can beat a man and he can put a good delivery in. I am sure that will be the first of many starts for him.”

Reflection and Recovery

“It has been a difficult period.

“These international breaks can give you a good chance to go away and recover.

“The chance to recover mentally is just as important as the physical side.

“We have had a tough couple of week’s and I don’t think it will do us any harm to go away for a few days.

“We will still be working on the fitness levels over the next week, it is the mental side that sometimes needs recharging.”