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Sam Cosgrove Feature on RedTV

November 22, 2019 6:09 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Sam Cosgrove Feature on RedTV

Sam Cosgrove this week visited BOA Partner Gary Walker Wealth Management.

The Dons striker in his spare time is doing an accountancy course and went along to visit Gary in his Aberdeen offices on Queen’s Road.

You can watch interviews with Gary and Sam on RedTV by clicking on the Red button.

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“There was a period of time in my life where I was quite unsure of my future. I had quite a few setbacks at my previous clubs. I luckily got a chance at Carlisle. It was only a short-term deal, but I thought it was something (the accountancy) that would be good in case football failed.

“When I was at high school, I was always more of a numbers-based kind of guy, so accountancy stood out for me!

“It’s a great subject to get behind you. It can open a lot of pathways; everyone is looking for maths-based people to have in and about their business.

“I don’t always take my books with me on the bus to away games!

“It has been tough recently with all the games. I have found myself playing a lot and training hard. But I still do as much as I can.

“It is all about distance learning. I don’t go into any college. I just sit down with my books and my revision notes and try and teach myself the different aspects that I am learning at the time.

“The biggest challenge is the motivation to do it. You can go through tough patches where you might have midweek games, it can be a very busy period.

“I think therapeutic is the wrong word, but it is nice at the end of the day to sit down and stimulate the brain rather than the feet.

“It is important sometimes to take your mind off football. We have just had an international break where you can get away from football for a week. You can never do it properly because you are always going home and watching internationals and watching football.

“As footballers it is difficult to get away from football, but you do need to switch off every now and then.

“The boys have their different ideas and different methods and mine is to sit down at the end of the day and read through a few things.

“No one in the dressing room has said that it is a bad thing.

“Joe is doing a business course. Mark Reynolds was big on his engineering; Shay is doing his plumbing. Those extra things can help you switch off and they can reap benefits in the future if things don’t fully go your way in football as you never know what the future holds.

“I would honestly recommend it to any up and coming footballers, it is definitely a thing to look into.”

So does Sam consider himself to be one of the more intelligent in the dressing room?!

“There are different ways to measure intelligence! For the academic stuff I would put myself up there as one of the smartest in the dressing room, but we have got no dafties in the team, everybody is switched on.”




Sam also on RedTV previewed Sunday’s trip to Perth as the Dons look to make it four wins in a row.

“Every game is a big game at the moment. We set ourselves the challenge after the Celtic game to get three wins on the bounce.

“We have done that, it was three pretty convincing wins, albeit it was only a 1-0 victory over Hamilton it was a convincing performance.

“Everyone is going into the St Johnstone game in good confidence. The boys who will be coming back from international duty will be buzzing from it.

“Everyone is looking forward to Sunday. And we know it is a big day for Andy.

“The one word you put with Andy is consistent.

“He occasionally puts it in the top bin as well as he did the other week! When I say occasionally, I have never seen him do that before! It is usually a header from a corner from him. He does pop up with goals to be fair to him.

“500 appearances it is hard to do, it is an unbelievable achievement for him and to do it for his boyhood club it is a dream come true for him.”




If you look at Sam’s scoring record for the calendar year – take the 11th December to the 10th December, it is pretty impressive stuff from the striker if you look back over that particular period.

Only three other players have scored over 30 goals in that period and interestingly all three have scored over 40 on one occasion. The full list is:-


11 December to 10 December

1929 Benny Yorston    45 goals

1930 Benny Yorston    36 goals

1935 Matt Armstrong 41 goals

1972 Joe Harper          47 goals

1978 Joe Harper          37 goals

2019 Sam Cosgrove    35 goals and counting



“I want to score; I can’t help it.

“If we win a game, it is our job done, it is my job done, it is three points on the board. I have touched on it before the pressure I put on myself to score in every game.

“If I come off at the end of a game even if I have missed a few chances and still scored its those missed chances that I look back on and those that I rue.

“The last couple of weeks I have played up front with Curtis. It is good to have someone up alongside me.

“We have predominantly played with the three across the top and the one central striker. At times you do find yourself quite isolated because it is hard for those midfielders to make those runs forward.

“For them to get up to me it is hard work but luckily we have got boys in the team who can do that. To have Curtis up there is good because it takes some of the onus off myself.

“He is a big boy as well so if we can occupy the two central defenders between us, we definitely complement each other and help each other out.

“We are getting a lot more bodies back now. The only first team guys who are out injured are Funso and Scott Wright. The squad is starting to take shape.

“We will still keep working hard and we are not going to get carried away. The past three performances have epitomised where the squad is now.

“Even if a few bad results go against us we don’t panic. We know what our job is. We are in that exact mindset right now. The pressure is on us even more. Albeit a different kind of pressure.

“People are expecting us to win and kick on now. We know what our job is. We will just try and get as many points as we can.

“When you score a goal, it is an unbelievable feeling, there is nothing like it.

“Sometimes it can be a bit of a blur, it can happen so quickly.

“The only exceptions to that are the penalties. Everything slows down with the penalty. You’ve got your time to take in in your surroundings.

“If you score a goal from open play it all happens so quickly. I have got my song now so I wait until I hear my song being sung, as long as we are winning, I can sit back and enjoy that.

“I try to take in the moment but it is tough because, I know it is a cliché, as soon as you step onto the white line everything just fazes out, it is just you and your mind is focused on football.

“When the game has stopped you can appreciate it.

“You get more of a relief from scoring a penalty. As a penalty taker you are expected to score. I don’t miss many, I think I have only missed two.

“I expect to score, the fans expect me to score. It is probably more relief than enjoyment when I slot a penalty away.

“The main thing that I can do is keep on scoring and put in the performances for a club that have done absolutely everything for me.

“Aberdeen have been brilliant for me and I just want to repay that as much as I can.”