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Ronald Hernández “I have had a lot of support already”

February 3, 2020 6:21 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Ronald Hernández “I have had a lot of support already”

Deadline day signing Ronald Hernández was officially unveiled as an Aberdeen player today. The Venezuelan international spoke to media on and the right-back was keen to thank the fans for the warm welcome they have given him.



“It is very nice to be here.

“I have had a lot of support already from the fans, some from Venezuela as well! It gives me more confidence to help the team.

“I have a nice feeling about the club because everyone is supporting me.

“It doesn’t matter who it is, but everyone wants to give me a hand, to help me and show me around. It is important that it feels like home.

“I am very happy to be here with my new club. All of my new teammates are nice people and have been very friendly towards me.

The Move

“Everything about the move (to Aberdeen) was fast. I was training with my old team in Norway. I spoke to my agent who explained everything to me, step by step.

“I started to read and do research into Aberdeen and then I decided I liked it and would come to Aberdeen to play.

“I need to believe in the process. After the U20 World Cup (where he represented Venezuela), I moved to Norway. It was my first destination in Europe. I didn’t even speak English when I moved there. In the beginning it was a bit tough.

“I have this opportunity and I am looking forward to it.


“I am proud to represent my country. This move is very important because if I play here, I can help the national team.

“I get used to the cold! It is not a problem for me.

“Coming from South America and moving to Norway it is a big change but that is not important to me. I only want to focus on playing football.

“In my life I have pushed to achieve my dreams. As players from South America we want to play for the biggest teams in the biggest leagues. I believe in the process because this is the right step for me.


“I honestly don’t know a lot about Scottish football, but I am getting into it.

“I spoke to Fernando de Ornelas, who was a Venezuelan player who played for Celtic, two years ago when I moved to Norway. He told me about Scotland.

“I have heard that it is a physical game in Scotland, but it is also physical in Norway.

“I need to play to get the rhythm and if I need to improve any specific areas then I will do it.

“I am a right back. I have good energy from the right side, I will get up and down. I have a good right foot and can put in a good cross. I have good energy and a good attitude; I am always positive.

“I want to enjoy my time here.

“I have not been to Scotland before, this is my first time! I have only been to London for one night before.

“As footballers we are only together two to four hours a day, we are normal people. I need to be comfortable away from the pitch and with my family.

“It is a long contract, but I will take it step by step.

“My family are coming over soon, my wife and my little daughter.


“I was fully focused on the game on Saturday because it was my first game. It was a good game and a big game. It was tough, all of my teammates played well.

“I am very excited; we are in the second half of the season. I am able to play, and I am waiting for the opportunity for the coach to decide.

“It would be nice to make my debut against St Johnstone. I am waiting for the opportunity. The coach has the final decision.”