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Rijeka Reaction | Joe Lewis on RedTV

August 9, 2019 2:03 am Author: AFC Media Team
Rijeka Reaction | Joe Lewis on RedTV

“I think we are still in the tie.

“2-0 was a very harsh score line.

“I felt in general that we were quite comfortable in the game.

“The penalty, I have just watched back and it looks extremely soft.

“But it gave them a bit of a lift at a time when I thought they did not have too much to trouble us.

“Disappointing result but the way we have been playing at home we are still in the game.

“The penalty came at a good time for them.

“Then at 1-0 you feel that it is not too bad a result and you can still go back to Pittodrie with confidence of getting through the tie.

“Even having lost the second goal, I still feel we can go back with the same thoughts.

“Especially as I say with the way that we have scored goals this season and the way we have created chances at home.

“We did not have that end product this evening but I believe next week we will be a lot better going forward.

“We have a big game on Sunday to deal with and next Thursday we will look forward to getting them back to Pittodrie.

“Hopefully there will be a really good atmosphere that can help us put them under real pressure.

“I always feel that there is a good atmosphere at these Thursday night Europa League games anyway.

“If we can get everyone on our side and really behind us then we can create an atmosphere that will maybe affect them and give us a real edge.

“It is half time in the tie.

“We are back at home.

“That first goal will be really important.”