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RedTV | The Manager – St Mirren Pre Match

November 28, 2019 5:44 pm Author: AFC Media Team
RedTV | The Manager – St Mirren Pre Match

Stewart Milne

“Stewart has been very supportive.

“You work for clubs, but you also work for people within the club, I have said that often enough.

“I quickly realised I was going to have a good relationship with him.

“I had that with Geoff Brown (St Johnstone chairman), I didn’t have that with my owner in Bristol who lived abroad, although he was a brilliant owner.

“I feel that manager chairman relationship is key. I think it is the most important relationship at any club.

“You have got to have similar beliefs, similar ambitions. Thankfully I have had that with Stewart, and he deserves the opportunity to step down.

“He has done brilliant work for the club over a period of time.

“He has navigated the club through different difficulties and challenges.

“The fact that we are sitting here in a brilliant training ground, he has got a huge part to play in that and driving that forward. He deserves immense credit for it.

“He is handing the club over in a good state.

“He is still going to be involved, which is great for the club. To have that experience and influence still on the board.

“I am sure Dave Cormack and Stewart will work extremely closely, as they have done for a while.

“Stewart deserves to step down, but it is good as we have the opportunity to work with our new chairman Dave when he officially takes over. The energy and enthusiasm and ideas that Dave brings, I think will help the club step on now.

Dave Cormack

“I remember the first time I spoke to Dave was when we had just lost the cup final in 2017 and Stewart had asked me to have a chat with him. At that time Dave was looking to come on board.

“There was a bit of interest in myself from Sunderland and the chairman wanted me to speak to Dave.

“From minute one of that conversation he has only ever shown an ambition and desire to make Aberdeen bigger and better.

“I have worked closely with Dave for the last two and a half years. He has been part of our technical board meetings. He is part of that board that discusses transfers and recruitment. He has allowed and helped me to bring in players and pushed to make that happen.

“Dave and I have worked really closely for the last two and a half years and hopefully now it will be an even closer relationship now that he becomes chairman.

“From my point of view he has brought a much needed energy to the board as well as expertise, ideas, finance and his ambitions are clear, he wants to make this the biggest club that we can be, the biggest animal we can be and that is something that we all want and hopefully it is something that we can achieve that.

“Dave has been very supportive, he always tried to drive the footballing budget despite everything that was needed at Cormack Park.

“Dave, the chairman and the board have worked extremely hard to make sure what is on the pitch is the main driver.

“Dave has mentioned an increase in the playing budget over the last two to three years. I think the fact that the increase has been able to happen is the fact that we have managed in my time here on average £1 million or £2 million above budget on what we earn.

“What the players are doing on the pitch is allowing extra finance to come into the club which then allows us to put a bit more into the playing budget as Dave has said.

“Hopefully that comes with the financial side of it, hopefully there is a bit more money to spend and hopefully we can have the opportunity to do that immediately, in January.

“Hopefully we get the best team on the pitch.

“That money has not been taken away and put into this project, a fair part of it was but he has also been really strong on the point that he wants to make the first team as strong as possible.

“That type of support is invaluable and hopefully as I say we can have that and a bit more going forward in the next couple of windows.

Atlanta Relationship

“I’ve been over to Atlanta when these discussions were first being muted and we have built up some key relationships.

“I am on the phone regularly to Carlos Bocanegra, I’ve met Darren Eales, we have met a lot of the staff from Atlanta both over there and when they have been over here.

“There is no conflict. Both clubs are in a position where we feel we can help each other in all areas of the football club. Both in recruitment and each other’s expertise in certain fields and having a similar view in the type of players we want to bring to the club.

“Also commercially at director level with Darren coming onto the board. Darren is a guy with real gravitas, he brings a real wealth of experience, kudos to our board, he will be a brilliant board member and having met these guys I am even more encouraged that we can do some good things together.

“They are there to help, we are there to help them. We are not totally dependent on Atlanta; we have got our own club and business to deal with.

“We know we have got that support and working relationship which can give everybody that confidence to better themselves and hopefully we can be a bigger animal than we currently are.

“My juices are always flowing. I always want to better what we have got. I work round the clock for this club. My staff are fully dedicated.

“The training ground was important to us, the fact we are sitting here now it has been a real shot in the arm the last two to three weeks having the ability to work here and actually see it for what it is and how much we are enjoying it.

“I am well versed in the demands of the club. I have been manager here for a long period and I just want what is best for the club. If we can get additional help to make that happen then great.