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RedTV | Stephen Glass Celtic Preview

April 20, 2021 4:17 pm Author: AFC Media Team
RedTV | Stephen Glass Celtic Preview

Stephen Glass spoke to the media on Tuesday lunchtime to preview our game with Celtic on Wednesday evening. To watch the press conference in full on RedTV, please click the red button.

“Joe’s ribs are not broken but he is still in a lot of pain. We are hopeful that he will come through soon. It is pain management and because of the position that he plays it can probably affect him even more, he is opening his body up a lot and he is diving about. It is just the mechanics of the way that he moves his body.

“He is a concern for tomorrow night, likely that he will miss out.

“Jack MacKenzie comes back into contention from being cup tied at the weekend. It gives us potential to move Jonny higher if we choose to do so. We will make our decisions on what we have available but there are no fresh injuries.”

For full details on how to watch the game tomorrow and to purchase your PPV pass, click here.