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RedTV | Reaction from the Captain

September 26, 2019 4:54 am Author: AFC Media Team
RedTV | Reaction from the Captain

Joe Lewis

“It is always difficult to take losing on penalties.

“We are winning the game after 91 minutes as well. That makes it even more frustrating. We need to see those last couple of minutes out.

“When you are 2-1 down in the cup time you can take that gamble and their centre half has made that run into the box and got on the end of it.

“It is disappointing he has scored from the centre of the six yard box. We would liked to have been stronger with that one.

“They got back into the game but I still thought we were the better team in extra time and the more likely team to score.

“We passed up a few opportunities to get that third goal which was disappointing.

“It goes to penalties and we lose out on this occasion.

“Once it goes to penalties anyone can win and we missed out in this one.

“In normal time I thought we were playing quite well.

“So it is difficult to criticise too much. We did well with their direct play towards Ikpeazu. He is a big strong guy and he is hard to deal with but in general I thought we did well and did not allow him too many opportunities apart from opening 30 seconds when he has bulldozed his way through.

“We dealt well with what they had to offer apart from the goals that we concede.

“Michael has slipped for the first one and MacLean has loads of time to put it in the bottom corner. So that was disappointing. And the second one the centre half has gambled and we have not picked him up.

“I thought we played really well in phases and deserved to get our two penalties. They would have been clear cut chances. So we can be too disappointed with the performance but the only thing that matters in cup football is getting through.

“Sam does not need to beat himself up because he missed that penalty. He scored two in the game and has scored plenty of other penalties for us this season. The lads had the courage to step up and unfortunately, we did not score any. The boys have to put it behind them.

“I thought it would be something they would have been stronger on (the keeper moving before the spot kick), especially after what happened with the women’s world cup in the summer. It is something I have worked on, getting a good dive in without stepping over the line. The linesman thought it was ok so it is irrelevant what I think of it.

“We have another massive game on Saturday so we don’t have time to sulk or to be to be too focussed on the defeat. It is a huge game for the football club on Saturday and we need to get our heads straight onto that.

“Obviously there is a massive disappointed from the game and this evening and tomorrow we will still feel that disappointment but we will all be in tomorrow and will do our recovery session and then we all need to make sure we are full focussed on the next game. There is no time to dwell on it.

“We have more injuries but t down to the players who thought they should have been starting to come in and show the gaffer that they should be starting these games.

“There is no better game for us as players to go into to try and lift ourselves. It is a huge game for everyone including the supporters and we need to try and give them something to shout about.

“The fans at Tynecastle were magnificent. It is gutting for us as players when you get that kind of support and you don’t come away with the win and don’t get through the tie because they deserved their team to go through. And I thought on the pitch we deserved to win the tie but as I say the only thing that matters in cup football is winning.

“We are out of a cup that we believed we could do well in.”