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RedTV | Manager’s Friday Media Conference

September 27, 2019 2:45 pm Author: AFC Media Team
RedTV | Manager’s Friday Media Conference

“Supporters want to see their team win, like we all do, and I understand when you don’t win games, especially important games like the other night, the disappointment can manifest itself.

“We are all extremely disappointed.

“I thought the performance in the main was good considering the injuries we have got.

“Ideally, we would like to have put an out and out midfielder on, a centre midfielder to be more solid down the middle at times, especially when we go in front and maybe try and see the game out.

“We are asking a lot of time wide players to play in there and deal with that side of it.

“I thought our response to their equaliser was very good.

“I thought we were very good in the game. With them being at home you are always going to have to withstand some sort of pressure.

“Certainly, as the game goes on, Hearts played with the four midfielders the other day, with two sitting and MacLean and Meshino playing as slightly advanced midfielders.

“It was at times a challenge for us to keep on top of it. I thought we equipped ourselves well in there. When Campbell goes off with cramp, it’s a bit more difficult.

“In these sorts of situations when you adjust to the game during the actual game. You might not have all the options as a manager as you would normally have or would normally like.

“When they put (Craig) Halkett up late on, you’ve got to try and deal with that. We just needed to deal with one more cross into the box and we never.

“Extra time, I thought we were the better team, we maybe looked the more likely to get the winning goal but I just thought there was an inevitability about it going to penalties.

“And once it goes to penalties, it is tough, we have got a brilliant goalkeeper, we have got good penalty takers, we were confident that we could still get the result.

“It doesn’t happen for us.

“Like everything else in football you have just got to try and respond. When there is disappointment it is important to try and keep the enthusiasm.”


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