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RedTV | Derek McInnes Celtic Preview

February 16, 2021 3:44 pm Author: AFC Media Team
RedTV | Derek McInnes Celtic Preview

The manager spoke to the media ahead of tomorrow’s trip to Celtic Park. Click the red button to watch the press conference in full.

“There are no injuries from the weekend. Mikey Devlin is progressing slowly but not anywhere near quick enough to be involved anytime soon. Greg Leigh will go through his operation in London on Saturday. Hedges had his operation in Manchester on Friday and as expected he will be in a sling for six weeks and it will be a slow recovery. Three to four months out for him is what we still think.

“As a manager when you take the role on you have sympathy for what all managers have to go through at some stage (Neil Lennon). It can’t always be a bed of roses and if it was that would be great. In reality and in life, you get thrown different challenges you have got to navigate your way through. For myself we have been through tough times before and you just have to trust yourself, trust your team and trust how you work to get through it and that is what we continue to strive for.

“We are certainly competitive, and the players are working extremely hard to bring the qualities at the top end of the pitch  and to turn one point into three points is what we are searching for at the minute.”