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Red TV Feature | Scott Brown

December 16, 2021 10:49 am Author: AFC Media Team
Red TV Feature | Scott Brown

Rob Maclean also recently sat down and spoke to Scott Brown at length about his time so far in the north-east of Scotland and how the midfielder is coping being a player and a coach:

“A working week for me is a little different from the lads. Some days it’s a red tracksuit, some days it is the black tracksuit! It all depends on the fixtures, because if it is Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday, I have to make sure I am ready to play in the games, because that takes priority over everything else.

“I still need to look after myself physically if I want to play at this level, so I need to make sure I do my recovery well, especially when it is a Wednesday going into a Saturday game. You have to look after your body as well as you possibly can.

“Otherwise, whenever I can I help out with the coaches, I try and get involved, whether it is in meetings, watching games of opponents, whatever I can help with. I have enjoyed learning from the manager and the backroom staff. You come to realise how hard the staff all work.

“Winning is something I really enjoy. If you ask all the boys in the changing room, it is a very different vibe after a win. It is hard to take a defeat. Any time you lose, you have to take it on the chin and turn it around quickly.

“As a coach now, you have to make sure the players are in the best form and frame of mind possible so you can’t take it out on them. It has to be positive. It is not 20 years ago when you got battered and bruised from your managers, when they screamed and shouted at you. Football has changed. The game has developed hugely, not least in the style of play.

“I want to win every single game. I came to Aberdeen to win every single game. It has not happened, but we try to get better every single game. We learn lessons as we go and we push on as a team. Everyone takes the responsibility for their own performance and for that of the team.

“It was never going to be plain sailing this season. Football never is that way. It was the same when I was at Celtic and Hibs as well. It is hard work.

“Everyone is doing their best, giving their all, so you feel terrible when you go through a bad spell. There have been bumps on the road but for the players it is mind over matter. We are working hard and we are all going in the same direction.

“I am me. I give 110% no matter what team I am playing for or against. I enjoy winning. I enjoy winding up opponents. I enjoy getting three points. I still want that winning feeling. I enjoy playing football, I love the game. Coming to the later stages of my career, I will cherish every game.

The Dons captain also spoke about his relationship with the Red Army.

“The fans have been fantastic with me and I want to repay them, because it means a lot.

“I really appreciate the supporters chanting my name. I did not think that they would take to me as well as they have done. Even away from the pitch, if I meet any of them in the city, they are fantastic with me. I am really grateful for the support I have had.”