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Preview | Lewis Ferguson on RedTV

April 29, 2021 3:23 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Preview | Lewis Ferguson on RedTV

“Sunday was quite clearly nowhere near good enough from everybody.

“Everyone on the pitch for us did not perform the way we should have. You can sometimes get away with a couple of players having an off day, but not everyone. We were not at the races. I don’t know why. We were simply not good enough, myself included.

“We completely dropped our standards and Dundee United were by far the better team on the day. And that should not happen at Pittodrie. They fully deserved to go through and we deserved absolutely nothing from the game.

“We got what we deserved.

“The gaffer and the coaching staff made it quite clear that the performance was nowhere near the standards this club sets. The way we performed on Sunday was nowhere near that. They made that very clear after the game.

“Everyone knows that though.

“It is us – the players – who need to have a look at ourselves and put things right. We can only do that out on the pitch.

“Every time you suffer a sore one you have to go and put things right. We have that chance on Saturday.

“This week is about trying to focus on the next game. You don’t want to dwell too much on a bad result. It is all about working hard this week and putting things right. We have been working hard with the coaches on setting the team up the way they want us to go and play.

“Going down to Livingston is never easy, they always make it difficult, it is a fight, and a scrap, but it is something we have to be up for if we are doing to go there and win. We have to do that side of the game as well as playing well.

“Hibs are in a really good position at the moment (for third spot). We would need results to go our way as well as us winning the final three games. It is out of our hands. But that is not our focus at the moment. Our focus is going down to Livingston and performing well and winning the game. If we do that then hopefully the next game against Hibs would still be meaningful.

“Every week we have to believe that we can go and win. There is no point going into a game believing you are not going to come away with three points or get through to the next round. There would be no point in turning up. Personally I believe that we can win every game we go into. And it is no different this week. We have good enough players here to go and win our final three games.

“It has been a disappointing season all round.

“The season started well, we got off to a good start. We were playing well and the formation was right. We were doing everything right and winning games. And then for whatever reason we hit a bad patch and found it very hard to get out of it. It was a very difficult time. We could not score goals or win any games. Since then a new manager has come in and we have had a couple of decent performances until Sunday. We now need to put in three good performances to finish on a strong note.”