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Pre-Season | The Manager Post Match in Elgin

July 6, 2019 9:48 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Pre-Season | The Manager Post Match in Elgin

Injury Update

“I am glad to have come through the game without any more injuries.

“We think Greg is going to be alright.

“We hope so anyway.

“He has twisted his ankle and he got a bit of a fright, as we all did. He is ok at the moment. I am hoping that it is a normal ankle roll and it will settle down after 48 hours.

“We are glad Elgin have hosted the game and I don’t want to be too critical, but we would have expected the pitch to be in better condition. We requested that the pitch was watered but I think there is a problem with their sprinkler system which we were not aware of till today.

“You could see the pitch was in desperate need of water.

“It only started to play a bit better the last ten minutes when the rain came on and you get a bit of speed into it.

“Their player Rooney got injured as well. I was hoping Greg would get 90 minutes today, he was down to play 90. He was a bit behind our lads, probably about a week behind his fitness work and he has had a longer break because the Dutch season finished before ours and he did not play as many games before the end of their campaign.

“I hope he is going to be ok for Thursday.

“Pre-season is pre-season. Sometimes it is too early to make judgements, although we are all guilty of making quick judgements on players. But Greg has showed what we expected – that sort of tenacity, robustness, speed, ability to get up and down the pitch. And he is eager to do well. Today was not his day, but hopefully it is nothing too serious.

“We had a couple of knocks going into the game. Hedges had a little twinge in his knee but could have played. Cosgrove had a tight groin, felt it a bit yesterday so again although these boys travelled up, we did not take any risks.

“I did not put Bryson on because of the pitch. I did not think it was worth the risk. We can get some more work into him over the weekend and it does not mean that he will not be fit for Thursday. His ankle has been very good the last week or so. He is just trying to top up the fitness. It was important we tried to get him 20 minutes, half an hour today, but I decided against it.

“Connor and Niall and James were down to play half an hour each.

“They are all at similar stages.

“So it was three lots of half an hour for them and I thought all three came through fine. They have all been working extremely hard. James had a double session yesterday to try and play catch up. It is clear when you see those three back into the squad, when you get Cosgrove and Hedges, Bryson back in, the squad starts to swell in quality as well as numbers.”

The Game

“It is pre-season and you do not get too concerned with results.

“But I wanted to win the game, I wanted to get a third cleansheet.

“We have very rarely come up against a team that is as big in terms of size as Inverness. They are huge. Their back four are big, their striker is big, they have Trafford going in; so a big side to deal with.

“For their goal, we should win the first touch. We don’t. They get the first touch at the near post and we got caught a bit flat footed at the back post, where they get the second touch and the all important one. It is a reminder, there is still work to be done. As big as they are, I don’t expect us to be losing set plays with the size we have got in the team.

“A positive was that we created a lot of chances on a difficult pitch.

“I thought the effort and endeavour on a difficult surface was pleasing.

“I though the tempo of the game was slower as a consequence of the pitch but I still thought there were still some really good moments.

“I thought Scott Wright, Dean Campbell and Jon Gallagher, the three of them did well, Ethan Ross when he came on. And my more experienced ones were smart with their work as well.”

Curtis Main

“Curtis has a bit of size that can occupy defenders.

“The ball is not going to come straight back and defenders know that they are going to be in a game.

“His link up play is good, and on another day could have had three or four goals. That is the last bit of sharpness for the boys in the final third.

“I was pleased with his performance. He missed a couple of days training so we wanted to get 80 minutes into him today. He will feel good about himself, he has got his first goal and he is up and running.

“I thought he showed enough threat to get more.

“I don’t mind my strikers missing chances. You have to miss chances to score goals. As long as he keeps putting himself in there, I am pretty sure he will get a good return for us.”

Any more signings?

“We will see how it goes.

“I would clearly like to bring a midfielder in. It is the one area in the team that we are still short of.

“Stephen Gleeson’s injury has not helped the situation. Young Miko has picked up an injury and he is going to be out for three or four weeks.”

“So as I say, we will see what happens over the next couple days.”

Players going out?

“Stevie May and I had a chat.

“He will have a few options to see what he wants to do, to go and get regular football. We are happy for Stevie to go out on loan, get regular football and try and catch fire and score goals for someone with the option of coming back in January.

“That is something we would like to happen.

“We have spoken to Stevie about it, he understands it and he is receptive to getting out there and playing somewhere.

“It might be that one of his options is a permanent move but we are not shutting the door on Stevie.

“He has a loan opportunity with some of the clubs, I have spoken to a couple of managers who have expressed an interest. I believe there is other interest. I am sure Stevie will have some options. I think the incentive of playing regular football and getting some goals and getting the confidence back will serve him and us well if he goes out on loan.”

Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes (L) shakes hands with Inverness CT manager John Robertson at full time