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Michael Devlin | Betfred Cup QF Preview

September 24, 2018 5:06 pm Author: AFC Media Team


“We’re delighted with the three points that we got on Saturday and it was a real tough physical battle throughout the 90 minutes, but we wanted to make sure we won the game any way we could. We got the three points and we’ll take it into what’s going to be another tough game tomorrow night.”
McKenna And Devlin Partnership

“It’s been a while (playing with McKenna) with Scott’s injury and my suspension. We’ve got a real competitive squad and it’s not a given that me and Scott are going to play together and it’s up to us to make sure our performance levels are at what the manager expects. If we do that then hopefully we’ll be playing together. We’re good mates off the pitch, but we need to make sure it’s right on the pitch and take our opportunity and fortunately on Saturday we were able to get a clean sheet and the team as a whole defended well and it made our job fairly simple.

“It’s very early days and Saturday’s the first time we’ve played together since the Rangers game on the first day of the season and that was for 20 minutes or so until Scott got injured. As a partnership we’d like to play a lot more together so we can build an understanding for each other’s games. I think it helps you’re close off the pitch and we can talk about these things and talk about the game. That’s how we are and we both love football. It’s early days yet for the partnership and we’ve got a lot of improving to do together, but hopefully in time that will come.”


“From my point of view, it’s all you can do (take a step back from it). The club have fought that battle for me in terms of putting the appeal in. In terms of VAR and the panel these things can only be used to try and assist the referees and the guys have a very difficult job doing what they are trying to do. We make mistakes as players and they make mistakes as referees – it’s natural. They are doing the very best they can so if there’s anything we can do to try and assist them and make their job a bit easier is something we should look at as a country. It’s a tough job they’ve got and in terms of the whiplash off the decisions that have led to debates, that’s football.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’ve not had much to say on that. The club have handled that for me brilliantly, so I just keep myself to myself.”

“It’s not solely my job, but as a defender your job is to keep a clean sheet along with the other guys on the pitch. As a team we need to work hard at that and that’s something we do very well generally. It’s important that whoever plays tomorrow is ready and the gaffer will go through how we’re going to try and stop Hibs. They are playing well at the moment and had a good result on Saturday. It will be a tough task tomorrow in terms of stopping that, but we need to focus on ourselves as much as anything and we know we can cause teams problems if we perform at the level we need.

“It will be a different kind of game I’d imagine. Having said that you need to bring that competitive edge to every game that you play in and win that first. You earn the right to play in football and can’t just turn up to pass the ball about and look pretty. You need to win that battle and be competitive and we know we’ve got good players that can hurt teams and so do Hibs. They are competitive right through their squad so it’s going to be a tough game. Both sides of the game will be tough tomorrow whether it’s the physical aspect or the footballing aspect and you need to think about what you’re doing. I’m looking forward to it and it will be a good game of football.

“It’s a great place to play. We played there earlier in the season and the pitch is fantastic. There was a really good crowd and we took a fantastic travelling support down there as you always get with our club. We’re looking forward to that and it’s a cup game in front of a full house and on a great pitch. We’re really excited about it and these are the games you want to be involved in as a football player. You have to relish it and thrive on the excitement on the game and go player your football.”

Winning Silverware

“It’s everything (reaching the last four). Success is everything this club demands, and the manager puts that demand on the players as well. We desperately want to get to the Semi-Final and we’ve got a real tough task to get there.

“That means everything to us to be successful here and try reach the latter stages of the cup competitions and do well in the league. Tomorrow’s another step we can take in the right direction to get there so we need to make sure we’re fully focussed on doing that.”

Scotland Ambitions

“First and foremost, my main target is to keep playing week in week out here, which is difficult enough to make sure you hold down a place at a club like Aberdeen. We’ve got a competitive squad and a lot of guys are raring to go and want to play every week in the starting eleven. That’s my soul focus at the minute to make sure that week in week out my performance is good enough that I’m in the team next week and that’s all I can focus on. Anything out with that is out with my control and you can’t worry about that. It’s every boy’s dream to play for Scotland, but as far as I’m concerned that’s not something I’m getting carried away with or thinking about at the moment.”

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