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Kenny McLean | SC QF Replay Preview

March 12, 2018 2:02 pm Author: AFC Media Team

Scotland call up

“It’s what every Scottish player wants really. It’s excellent to be involved with your country and I’m delighted. It’s the manager’s first squad and everybody would have wanted to be there. For me it’s a very proud moment and everybody involved in the squad will tell you the same thing. Representing your country is the pinnacle and it’s something I want to do more in the future, starting now.

“Everybody in the country wants the manager to take us to the next level. Gordon was excellent I thought, and we just fell at that final hurdle. Everybody will be wanting to go that step further. When you look at the quality across the squad there’s plenty good players to choose from.

“Everybody can see that, and we’ll be confident going into the next qualifiers, but there’s a long time to go before then so we can prepare well.

“For other boys from this club to be involved is excellent. I think it can motivate other players that are here that there is a chance for them as well. If you’re doing it on a Saturday for your club then you’ll get the recognition.

“The boys in this Scotland squad will try and take the opportunity to be involved in future squads.  

“I don’t think anybody could argue with Scott’s inclusion in the squad. What he’s done here I think surprised most. I have seen him for a couple of years now and you can see he has all the attributes, but I didn’t think he would bring them every Saturday this soon. I think what he’s done for such a young player has been outstanding and arguably our best player this season, which is excellent for him. It’s up to Scott again to try cement his place in this squad and push his way into the team and keep progressing and getting better. There’s no doubt he’s going to have a big career in front of him.”

Cup Replay

“It’s a massive game, we need to accept that, it’s a quarter final and we’ve got a chance to go to Hampden. That’s the way we need to look at it. It’s massive and we know how well Kilmarnock are doing, but on the other foot we know how well we can be and we know the quality we’ve got. We know how big the game is and we’ll show that when we go down tomorrow. It’s all about getting the win there’s no other outcome for us. It’s the same way we go into every other game. We want to win it.

“I suppose our experience could be an advantage, but Kilmarnock will be confident. They’re on a good run and I don’t think they’ll be look at it like that.

“We’re confident of the quality we’ve got. We’ve had a couple of poor results recently but taking this game on its own, its cup football and we don’t want to be going out of the cup as I’m sure Kilmarnock don’t.

“We need to stand up as players and take responsibility for the poor results recently and we need to put it right. I think that’s how we need to look at the game. We’ve got a massive opportunity to get back to Hampden. We were disappointed in the previous cup, so we really owe it to ourselves, to the manager and to the fans and everybody involved in the club. It’s where we should be, but as I say we’ve got a massive hurdle in front of us. Kilmarnock will be right up for it I’m sure and it’s up to us to go out and get the win.

“We were much the better team in the first half (against Kilmarnock). We went one up, but Kilmarnock came out the second half and had a right go, but we were on the backfoot for most of the second half and I think it was a game of two halves, but I think this will be a totally different game.

“Kilmarnock are on an excellent run and I don’t think many people expected what they’ve done the last few months. Our form isn’t as good, but we need to look past that and look at the quality we’ve got there. Everybody in that changing room knows we’re good enough to go to the semi-final.

“We’ve got all these attributes we can use in this match and it could go a long way. Knowing we have all this experience and mental strength, we’ve got the quality and the players that can turn a match on it’s head. We’ve got match winners.

“I think when I signed back here on loan when I went to Norwich that was the first thing that was mentioned, going out on a high at Hampden and that’s what I want to do. That’s what everybody wants, and everybody wants to finish the season at Hampden. I’m no different, but it makes me want it that bit more because it’s probably my last game for Aberdeen. To go out on a high that way would be exceptional.”

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