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Kari Arnason | Hearts Post Match

December 30, 2017 9:34 pm Author: AFC Media Team

“It was one of those days.

“There were a few incidents where we weren’t set up right and we need to look at that back because that can’t be happening. We shouldn’t be allowing them to break so easily on us. After a few passes and they were through. Joe did brilliantly though and prevented them from scoring.

“They had so many players in the box it’s often hard to create those clear-cut chances and more often it is ricochet goals that will happen in a game like that.

“Overall I thought we did quite well but it was our finishing touch that was lacking.

“It’s one of those matches I felt we had enough chances still and we should have buried one of them.

“If we had scored earlier we would’ve cruised it. They made life difficult for us, they kept a clean sheet which I think was their prime target before the game. But it’s one of those where we did everything apart from score.

“There were loads of positives in the game and we just need to build on that.

“We’ve got 43 points so we’ve improved since last year, where at the turn of the year we had 40 points, so that’s a positive. The negatives are we didn’t do well enough against Celtic and Rangers but if you look at the points tally it’s quite positive. In second half we need to improve our performances against Celtic and Rangers and do better in them.

“I think towards the end of the season, our football becomes better. We’ve ground out results at the start of the season and it was not always pretty but we’ve come a long way and we just need to build on it and keep going.

“We are all looking forward to the training camp in Dubai. It’s good to get out of the cold for a bit and hopefully it can help us build for the second half of the season. It will be hard work over there but it’s always good to get out on the golf course too, so I am looking forward to our corporate golf day and getting the chance to meet some of the fans.

“Since I became a father a few weeks ago, life hasn’t changed much, but we’ve just increased in the size of the family and I’m delighted with it. He’s got a dual citizenship, so we can see what happens with him in the future! My wife is mostly taking care of him during the night. He’s a trooper and doing well.

“Being one of the only players in the league going to the World Cup is a little extra thing to push you I suppose. But it’s no different whether a World Cup is coming up or not, my focus is on


“I’ve played almost every game for Iceland so I’m hoping I’ll get the nod for Russia. I just need to keep playing for Aberdeen and playing well. I need to focus on Aberdeen and that will then lead onto the national team. Everyone’s booking their flights now and my family’s just booked up so everyone’s buzzing for it.

“I’ve enjoyed it a lot, no complaints at all really. We’re better than before. We go into every game with the intention of winning it whereas last time around we had a difficult time, so that is the main difference. There is more people coming to the games as well which is a big positive. There is more of a buzz around the city about the club as well.

“My aims for 2018, I want to play as many games as I can and hopefully I will get the chance to do that and do well for the club. At the end of the season hopefully I will get a contract renewal and do well for Iceland at the World Cup.

“After the World Cup we will see what happens. It’s up to the club now to approach me and hopefully they’ll allow me to stay a bit longer.

“I love it here.”

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