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Jonny “I know the standards that are expected here”

December 2, 2021 11:44 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Jonny “I know the standards that are expected here”

Jonny Hayes spoke to the media and RedTV after the win over Livingston at a cold Pittodrie on Wednesday night.

“Conditions were obviously tough but it was enjoyable because we won. We worked hard and started well and we earned the right to go and play. We scored one goal and it could have been two or three before the break. Second half we came off it a little bit, but we still managed the game quite well.

“We picked up the ball in some good areas and I thought Ryan and Jet in particular picked up some nice pockets of space which then allowed them to bring in the likes of myself, Funso and Lewis. I thought as a unit we went forward well and we also defended well as a team.

“A lot of teams now sit back with men behind the ball and make themselves difficult to break down. It is a popular gameplan, so you have to find ways to work around that. We want to be possession based and also play with pace and we need to find ways to breakdown teams who are well organised.

“We are at our best when we move the ball fast. At times we did that and looked a good team.

“I pleased with the assist as a lot of hard work goes into the set plays. It has been touched on, Allan spends a lot of time on them. We spend a lot of time practicing them so it is very pleasing when that work pays off.

“We talked about getting a cleansheet coming into the game. It was mentioned again at half time, if we stop them scoring then we win the game.

“I thought at times we looked good. It is how we want to play. The pace of the team, we move the ball fast, keeping possession and going forward at the right times. Now it is about putting a couple of good performances together.

“We have not been that consistent this season. So any time we do win the take positives from the game. Yes we would like to win more comfortably but at the moment it is just about getting the three points.

“I will be honest and say I do not look at the league table. Myself, I know the standards that are expected here and it has not made for pretty viewing the past few months. We have just kept our heads down and worked hard to turn things around. Hopefully in a few weeks time, things will look better for us.

“At the moment the main ambition is to be the best we can be. As I say, there are certain standards that need to be upheld at this football club and everyone wants European football, everyone wants to be fighting at the top end of the table and in the later stages of the cups. We know that we still have work to do to get there.

“Looking at the game, we get a bit of the rub of the green with the sending off, little decisions like that might have gone against us in previous games. Hopefully that is the performance that can help turn the tide and lead us to more wins.

“It is not just decisions, it is the injuries that we have had and the reshuffling the management team have had to do. The Dundee United game summed it up, decisions that went against us and then injuries which led to players moving position. It does not make you want to be a manager!

“But we have to be able to overcome that as we have got a good squad and boys who can play in difference positions. Funso for example has been here there and everywhere and done really well. We know now have a number of players who can perform well in different positions and that should stand us in good stead over the course of the rest of the season.

“Doing coaching badges, you are taught to deal with a player or two dropping out of a session. I can’t imagine what it is like dealing with losing three, four, five players out of the defence at the same time.

“We have not had much luck so far during the campaign. But you have to just work hard and hopefully that will prove dividends in the long run.

“Ryan Hedges is brilliant. He is pivotal to how we want to play because he links defence, midfield and attack quite well. As I say, he can find pockets of space and he is a very good footballer. Ryan, Marley and Christian have at times linked up well – it is now about putting all that together and doing it more consistently.

“Also I thought Ross and David were very good at the back. They did not give away any clear cut openings and the pair of them gave us a solid platform to build on and get the win.”