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Jonny Hayes | Hibernian Preview

October 21, 2021 5:01 pm Author: AFC Media Team
Jonny Hayes | Hibernian Preview

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“You have your ups and downs in football, everybody knows that results have been a bit disappointing, you need to pick yourself up as the games do come around fast and our job is to react to that in the best way possible.

“Teams are scoring goals against us but we don’t seem to be scoring similar goals against them. We don’t seem to be getting a little bit of the rub of the green for ourselves. It has been errors in games that have cost us, it is small little details that we can improve on.

“We have been on the training pitch, we have been working hard to improve the mistakes from the past couple of weeks.

“As players we enjoy working here and we think that we can turn it around. As a player group we need to take a bit more onus and a bit more responsibility for the results. The manager, Allan and Henry all work tremendously hard and as players we all want to respond in the best way possible and give them the results that their hard work deserves.

“We enjoy coming into training everyday, we have brilliant facilities and it is a well run club. It is a great environment. For us the thing that is lacking is results and getting points on the table. There has to be an onus as the group on the whole to turn things around.

“I have always said that football is a pressure that I enjoy. It is not nice being at the wrong end of the table. Pressure for me is when you look outside of football and people are feeding their families, that is real pressure. Football should be a pressure that we enjoy. We know we are representing a football club and a fanbase but it is something that I enjoy.

“I see it everyday, when you are doing your double sessions, your gym work or your tactical work, everybody wants results to get better. Everybody wants to improve, everybody wants to be the person on Saturday who will score the winning goal or make a defensive clearance or whatever it may be. Everybody has to want the responsibility and from what I can seeing the building it is there.

“I have played under various managers, various styles and various philosophies and you have to adapt. When you do adapt you learn. I have loved playing under every manager I have played for because I have learned something new from everyone of them and I think every player can see that. You adapt, you learn, you grow and you improve.

“The manager is open minded and will ask your opinion along with the coaching staff. They will have a chat with the players, ask an opinion and if everybody is part of the same group then everybody is learning. As a player group if we can give a little bit of feedback that can help the coaching staff that can only be a good thing.

“Ourselves against Hibs over the past few years have been good games. They have been one of the more enjoyable teams to watch over the last five years or so. They have dangerous players but I hope it makes it a good game. It will be a tough game, they are a quality side we have seen what they can do over the last few years.”